Number 5, 2006

Special Theme of the Issue

Culture and Everyday Speech of the Perestroika Era: On Nancy Ries' Russian Talk: Culture and Conversation During Perestroika

(guest editor: S.A. Oushakine)

Talks about Talks (A Word of Introduction)

pp. 3-5

Excerpts from Russian Talks

pp. 6-23

Talks about Changes: Acts of Words and Words without Acts

pp. 24-28

Mirror of “Russian Talks”

pp. 29-34

Captives of Genres: An Optimistic Tragedy?

pp. 35-39

Russian Talks or Talks about Russians?

pp. 40-42

In Search of the Lost Talks

pp. 43-46

On Nancy Ries’ Contribution to the “Russian Myth”

pp. 47-50

“Keep Smiling”: An American View of the Russian Private Speech

pp. 51-54

Melancholy Theater

pp. 55-57

“Russian Talk”: Translation from English

pp. 58-61

Russian Talks with Nancy Ries

pp. 62-64

Talk Past, Talk Present

pp. 65-71

East Slavic Culture Studies

Childhood in the Context of Old-Russian Culture of the Eleventh-Thirteenth Centuries: Attitudes toward a Child, Ways of Upbringing, and Stages of Growth

pp. 72-85

The Table and the Red Corner in the Interior Design of the Peasant Hut of the Northwest and the Upper Volga Region

pp. 86-100

Studies in Physical Anthropology and Ethnoarchaeology

On the Issue of Age and Specific Traits of the Origin and Development of the Laponoid Anthropological Type

pp. 101-116

Odontological Data for an Anthropological History of the Caucasus

pp. 117-133

Processual Archaeology and Ethnoarchaeology of Hunters and Gatherers

pp. 134-149


On the Use of Labor Force of Deported Peoples in Uzbekistan in the late 1930s and 1940s

pp. 150-163

History of the Discipline

Pereslavl’ Scholar S.E. Elkhovskii and His Collection of Folklore and Ethnography

pp. 164-180


Review of Natsionalizm как politicheskaia ideologiia (Nationalism as a Political Ideology), by V.S. Malakhov. Moscow, 2005

pp. 181-184

Review of Narody Zapadnoi Sibiri: Khanty. Mansi. Sel’kupy. Nentsy. Entsy. Nganasany. Kety (Peoples of Western Siberia: Khanty, Mansi, Selkup, Nentsy, Entsy, Nganasan, Ket), ed. by I.N. Gemuev, V.l. Molodin, Z.P. Sokolova. Moscow, 2005

pp. 184-186

In memoriam

In Memory of Intel’ Bakievich Moldobaev

pp. 187-190