Number 2, 2006

Special Theme of the Issue

Ethnography of Islam in the Caucasus

(guest editor: V.O. Bobrovnikov)

Ethnography of Islam in the Caucasus

pp. 3-9

Brotherhood (Tariqa), Ethnicity and Politics in Daghestan

pp. 10-23

Sufi Sheikh Today

pp. 24-34

The Teaching of Kunta-Hajji Written Down by His Disciple

pp. 34-46

The Wird Congregations in Ingushetia

pp. 47-58

The Youth and Islamic Traditions in the Northwest Caucasus

pp. 59-74

Fates of Shiism in Post-Soviet Azerbaijan

pp. 75-87

Ethnographic Studies of Religions among Povolzhie and Ural Peoples

Conversions among Muslim Tatars of Simbirsk Region in the Second Half of the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries

pp. 88-96

Rites of the Pagan Chuvash of Tatarstan

pp. 96-115

Traditional Beliefs of Zakamie Udmurts: A Historiography of the Issue

pp. 116-126

A Cult of Muslim Saints in the Astrakhan Region

pp. 127-143

From Archives

Soviet Ethnographers on “National Politics” in the USSR: A Commentary to Document

pp. 144-145

Contemporary Processes of National Development of Peoples of the USSR: A Memo to the Central Committee of the CPSU

pp. 146-160

A Note on the Peoples of the USSR That Had Preserved Survivals of Kin-Tribal Lifeways Before the Establishment of the Soviet Power

pp. 161-164

Book Reviews

Review of Empire of Nations: Ethnographic Knowledge and the Making of the Soviet Union, by F. Hirsch. Ithaca, 2005

pp. 165-168

Review of Vydaiushchiesia otechestvennye etnologi i antropologi XX veka (Remarkeble Domestic Etnologists and Anthropologists of the 20th Century), ed by V.A. Tischkov, D.D. Tumarkin, Moscow, 2004

pp. 169-175

Review of Khristianskoe i yazycheskoe v dialoge kul’tur (The Christian / Pagan in the Dialog of Cultures), by E.O. Plekhanova. Izhevsk, 2003

pp. 175-177

Review of Russkie starozhily Sibiri: Sotsial’nye I simvolicheskie aspekty samosoznaniia (Russian Old-Timers of Siberia: Social and Symbolic Aspects of Identity), by N.B. Vakhtin, E.V. Golovko, and P. Schweitzer. Moscow, 2003

pp. 177-181

Review of Vozrastnoi simvolizm v kul’ture kalendarnogo prazdnika russkogo naseleniia Sibiri: XIX – nachalo XX veka (Age Symbolism in the Culture of Calendar Feast among the Russian Populations of Sibe- ria: The Nineteenth – Early Twentieth Centuries), ed. by I.N. Gemuev. Novosibirsk, 2004

pp. 181-184

Review of Shugnantsy (The Shugnan), by T.S. Kalandarov. Moscow, 2004

pp. 185-187

On the Journal's Website

pp. 188


pp. 188

In memoriam

lzmail Nukhovich Gemuev (1942-2006)

pp. 189

Natalia Vasilievna Taranovskaia (1929-2006)

pp. 190-191