Number 1, 2006

Special Theme of the Issue

Destinies of Fenno-Ugric Peoples and Politics

(guest editor: S.V. Cheshko)


pp. 3

On the Condition of Fenno-Ugric Peoples in Russia

pp. 4-6

Once Again on the Destinies of “Fenno-Ugric Peoples”: A Commentary to PACE Documents on Cultures of “Uralic Minorities”

pp. 6-13

“New Identities” among Fenno-Ugric Peoples as Political Tools

pp. 13-27


pp. 28-38

Armenian Studies: History and the Present

Serik Davtyan, a Scholar of Armenian Decorative Arts and Crafts (1893-1978)

pp. 39-48

Krasnodar – Karabakh – Moscow: An Essay in Dialogic Autoethnography

pp. 49-61

Problems of Adaptation and Integration of Armenian Migrants in the Krasnodar Region

pp. 62-72

Studies of Armenians in Russia

pp. 72-91


To See the Human behind Cultural Distinctiveness… (an Interview with Alain Blum)

pp. 92-108


“Bread Mantras” and “Japanese Bowls” among the Latvians: On the Issues of Authenticity and “Regimes of Truth” in Contemporary Ethnography

pp. 109-128

The Phenomenon of Stability of the Uilta Ethnic Identity in the Context of History of Ethnic Self-Designations among the Peoples of the North (the Late 19th – the Beginning of the 21st Centuries)

pp. 129-145

A Reflection of Social Values in the Clothing of the Northern Caucasus Population of the Mediaeval Times

pp. 146-160

Inquiries, Facts, Hypotheses

Descendants, So Unpredicted…

pp. 161-171

Book Reviews

Review of Shvedy i russkie: obraz soseda (Swedes and Russians: Image of the Neighbour), by O.V. Chemysheva. Moscow, 2004

pp. 172-175

Review of Sem’ia vo frantsuzskom obshchestve: XVIII- nachalo XX veka (Family in the French Society: the 18th – early 20th centuries), by M.K. Liubart. Moscow, 2005

pp. 175-177

Review of Bania ipech v russkoi narodnoi traditsii (Bath and Stove in the Russian Tradition), ed. by V.A, Lipinskaia. Moscow, 2004

pp. 178-182

Review of Etnopoliticheskaia istoriia Tuvy v XX veke (Ethnopolitical History of Tuva in the 20th century), by N.P. Moskalenko. Moscow, 2004

pp. 182-186

In Memoriam

Rail Gumerovich Kuzeev

pp. 187-190