About the journal

Publication frequency: 6 issues per year. ISSN 0869-5415. Russian Catalogue Index 70845. The journal is distributed through subscription only.

The journal carries articles and essays in anthropology (primarily sociocultural), ethnology, and ethnography, as well as reviews of important publications in these fields. The editorial board welcomes interdisciplinary materials, such as lying in the border zones of anthropology and history, ethnology and sociology, physical/biological anthropology, and others, but traditionally gives priority to those among them which contribute first of all to the fields of sociocultural anthropology and ethnology. Please visit the Submissions section for more information on the current areas of interest of the journal and general submission guidelines.

Etnograficheskoe obozrenie is a peer-reviewed academic edition adhering to the regulations stipulated by the Russian state tenure committee (VAK) and the standards of international peer-reviewed journals. All submissions that are accepted for consideration undergo the standard double blind peer review procedure and are reviewed for approval by the editorial board. Materials that appear in the journal do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the editorial board.