Etnograficheskoe obozrenie is currently distributed through subscription only, per regulations of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

For individuals in Russia

  • You can subscribe to the journal through the uniform subscription catalog at a post office (the journal’s subscription catalogue number is 70845; ISSN is 0869-5415)
  • Those who can come to the editorial office located in Moscow can subscribe to the journal at the editorial office at a discounted rate. (However, please keep in mind that you will also have to come to the office to pick up the issues; no mail delivery and no phone, fax, or e-mail subscriptions are available with this method.)
  • Subscribing to the electronic version of the journal is possible thorugh (this is an independent initiative regulated by direct agreements between and Nauka Publishers, and the editorial office cannot provide any further information in this regard.)

International Subscription

  • Subscription through EastView Information Services may be available for international customers. (The editorial office, however, cannot provide any information on its availability, as it is negotiated by agreements between EastView and the Russian Academy of Sciences.)