Number 6, 2005

Special Theme of the Issue

Elites and Alphabets

(guest editor: S.V. Sokolovski)

Alphabets and Elites: Writing in Contemporary Russia as a Political Symbol

pp. 3-18

Who Is Afraid of the Latin?

pp.  19-26

The Constitutional Court Has Admitted It Has Been a Political Decisionе

pp. 27-29

Is It Possible to Speak of Latinization?

pp. 30-33

On the Issue of Restoring the Tatar Alphabet on the Basis of Latin Script

pp.  34-43

The Competition of Models: Tatar Representatives at the 1926 Turkology Congress in Baku

pp. 44-47

Nogai Alphabet: Cyrillics Passed the Test

pp. 48

Reversing Language Shift in Kazakhstan

pp. 49-71

1600 Years of Armenian Writing

pp. 72-84

Ethnography of Religion

The Old-Believers and the Orthodox in the Twentieth-Century Russian Village Society (Behavioral Strategies of Interaction)

pp. 85-104

National and Confessional Self in the Everyday Life of the Middle Volga Village in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries

pp. 105-113

Legends about the Return from the World of the Dead (a Study of East Slavic Materials)

pp. 114-129

Initiation Rites in Mortuary-Burial Rituals

pp. 130-139

Ethnos and Culture

Semantic Features of the Unique Decoration of Two Eleventh-Thirteenth Century Elements of the Horse Harness from the North East Black Sea Region

pp. 140-156

Book Reviews

Review of Handbook of North American Indians. Vol. 14, Southeast. R.D. Fogelson, ed. Washington, 2004

pp. 157-161

Review of Gardy: Katalog koUektsii muzeev Sakhalinskoi oblasti (Gards: Catalogue of Museum Collections of the Sakhalin Region), by LA. Samarin. Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, 2004

pp. 161-163

Review of Litsa nenavisti: Antisemity i rasisty na marshe (Faces of Hatred: Anti-Semites and Racists on the Move), by V.A. Shnirelman. Moscow, 2005

pp. 164-166

On the Journal's Website

pp. 166

In Memoriam

Galina Petrovna Vasilieva

pp. 167-169

Index of Materials Published in the Journal in 2005

pp. 170-175