Number 2, 2005

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pp. 3

Special Theme of the Issue

The Discipline and Society: National Traditions

(guest editor: A.L. Elfimov)

On the Discussion: Introduction

pp. 4-5

On the Discipline of Anthropology in the Russian Tradition

pp. 6-7

From Soviet Ethnography to Russian Ethnology

pp. 8-10

On the Specificity of Russian Ethnography and Its Perception by Geographers

pp. 11-13

Beyond the Academy Walls: Anthropology and Society in Russia

pp. 14-17

On Ethnology, or Social Anthropology, in This Country of Nowadays

pp. 18-20

From Ethnography to Sociocultural Anthropology (in Its Far-Eastern Version)

pp. 21-24

The Benefits of Structural Marginality to British Social Anthropology

pp. 25-31

Changing Contents in Shifting Contexts: On the Status of Socio-Cultural Anthropology in the German-Speaking Countries

pp. 32-42

On Sociocultural Anthropology in the United States, Its Problems and Prospects

pp. 43-55

Ethnologists and Indians: The Brazilian Scenario

pp. 56-68

On Anthropology in France

pp. 69-74

Anthropology in the Netherlands: Past, Present and Future

pp. 75-95

Troubles with Identity: South African anthropology, 1921-2004

pp. 96-101

Ethnos, Society, State

Toward a Discussion on the Karachai Settlement Patterns in the 17—18th Centuries

pp. 102-106

The All-Russian Union of Assyrians in 1920-1930s

pp. 107-119

From the History of Russian Communities in American Cities

pp. 120-13

Under the Sign of Bradford: The End of Britain’s Multiculturalism?

pp. 135-151

Ethnoliterary Studies as a Prospective Research Field

pp. 152-165


Provincial Museums and the Collecting of Antiquities: From the History of the Vologda Society for the Study of the Northern Region

pp. 166-177

Book Reviews

Review of Nauka о cheloveke i obshchestvo (The Science of Man and Society). Moscow, 2003

pp. 178-183

Review of Nauka о cheloveke i obshchestvo (The Science of Man and Society). Moscow, 2003

pp. 184-186

Review of Jewish Russians, by S. Goluboff. Philadelphia, 2003

pp. 186-190