Number 1, 2005

Theoretical Issues

On Cultural Diversity

pp. 3-22

Special Theme of the Issue

Archaeology of Uzbek Identity

(guest editor: S.N. Abashin)

An Invitation to the Discussion

pp. 23-24

Archaeology of Uzbek Identity

pp. 25-47

Consolidation is a Natural Historical Process

pp. 48-51

On the Notion of Ethnogenesis in “Etnicheskii atlas Uzbekistana”

pp. 52-55

“Etnicheskii atlas Uzbekistana” in the Present Institutional Context of Post-Soviet Uzbek Ethnology

pp. 56-59

On “Archaeology of Uzbek Identity” by A. Ilkhamov

pp. 60-63

Rethinking the Symbolic Space of Uzbek Identity

pp. 64-67

Some Thoughts on A. Ilkhamov’s Essay

pp. 68-72

On the “Nationalization” of Uzbeks

pp. 72-77

The Modernity of Identity: On A. Ilkhamov’s “Archaeology of Uzbek Identity”

pp. 78-82

Post-Soviet Nationalism, Theory of Ethnos, and Constructivist Critique

pp. 83-86

Uzbekistan Is not a Society Based on the Ethnicity Principle. But it Can Become Such

pp. 87-91

The National and the Ethnic as Constructions and/or Phenomena of the Civil Society: Reply to Commenters

pp. 92-101

Ethnos and Culture

The Image of Russians in the Perceptions of Peoples of Russia in the Seventeenth-Eighteenth Centuries

pp. 102-118

Mortuary and Mourning Ritualism of the Mediaeval Mongols and Its Worldview Foundations

pp. 119-140

The Parallel World in the Beliefs of Peoples of Dagestan: On Local Varieties of Shamanistic Practices and Their Animistic Bases

pp. 141-158


‘Tradition and the Camera: In Search of the Whole”: The Second International Festival for Visual Anthropology in Moscow

pp. 159-162

The Historical and Cultural Development of Peoples of the Middle Volga Region: Borders and Innovations (the Conference in Saransk, April 6-8, 2004)

pp. 162-164

Book Reviews

Review of Genealogiia v Rossii: istoriia i perspektivy (Genealogy in Russia: History and Prospects), by M.E. Bychkova, I.N. Smirnov. Moscow, 2004

pp. 165-166

Review of Tiurkskie narody Kryma (The Turkic Peoples of Crimea), ed. by S.Y. Kozlov, L.V. Chizhova. Moscow, 2003

pp. 167-169

In Memoriam

Sakinat Shikhakhmedovna Gadzhieva (1914-2003)

pp. 170-171

Nikolai Mikhailovich Girenko (1940-2004)

pp. 172-174

Tatiana Fedorovna Aristova (1926-2003)

pp. 175-176