Number 5, 2005

Special Theme of the Issue

Common Law Today

(guest editor: N.l. Novikova)

In Place of an Introduction

pp. 3-4

Common Law of the Peoples of the North: Opportunities and Limitations of the State Law System

pp. 4-14

Comments: G. Fondahl, T. Thuen, T. Svensson, P.N. Pavlov, M.V. Puchkova, l A. Shirmanov, L.G. Svechnikova, A.A. Dorskaia, F.G. Kamkia, O.I. Brusina, I.L. Chestnov

pp. 15-45

Ethnos, Society, and State

Ways of Harmonizing Tradition and Law (Toward Studying the Issue in the Case of Tajikistan

pp. 46-51

Where Do We Come From? On Spatial-Geographical Identity of People in France

pp. 52-58

An Interview with France Guerin-Pace and Isabelle Ville

pp. 58-64

On a Term Signifying the Dispersal Area of Basque Language and Culture

pp. 65-78

Pagan Sanctuaries in the Merovingian Kingdom

pp. 78-84

Ethnos and Culture

The Nature and Qualities of Mythic Characters in Circassians’ Epic and Everyday Culture

pp. 85-95

History of the Discipline

The Remarkable Scholar of Northern Peoples (Toward the 150th Anniversary of V.I. Jochelson)

pp. 96-115


30 Years of the Omsk State University Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography

pp. 116-127

Book Reviews

Review of Kul’turnaia antropologiia (Cultural Anthropology), by S.A. Arutiunov, S.I. Ryzhakova. Moscow, 2004

pp. 128-133

Review of Nemetskaia etnologiia (German Ethnology), by G.E. Markov. Moscow, 2004

pp. 134-136

Review of Mifologiia mordvy: etnograficheskii spravochnik (Mythologies of the Mordva: Ethnographic Guide). Saransk, 2004

pp. 137-138

Review of Drevneishie kul’tury Severnoi Ameriki (The Oldest Cultures of North America), by S.A. Vasiliev. St. Petersburg, 2004

pp. 139-142

Review of Etnografiia i antropologiia Yamala. Chast’ 2: Antropologiia (Ethnography and Anthropology of Yamal. Part 2: Anthropology). Novosibirsk, 2003

pp. 142-144

Review of Sovremennoe polozhenie i perspektivy razvitiia malochislennykh narodov Severa, Sibiri i Dal’nego Vostoka: Nezavisimyi ekspertnyi doklad (The Current Condition and Development Prospects of Small-Numbered Peoples of the North, Siberia, and the Far East: Independent Expert Report). Moscow, 2004

pp. 144-148

Review of Bania v sisteme zhizneobespecheniia narodov Povolzhia i Priuralia: istoriko-etnograficheskoe issledovanie (Bath in the Livelihood System of the Peoples of Povolzhie and Priuralie: Historical-Ethnographic Study), by L.I. Nikonova, I.A. Kandrina. Saransk, 2003

pp. 149

Review of Izgoii: Rossiiskie bezhentsy v Finliandii (1917-1939) (Castaways: Russian Refugees in Finland, 1917-1939), by P. Nevalainen. St. Petersburg, 2003

pp. 150-155

On the Journal's Site

pp. 155

In Memoriam

Yurii Konstantinovich Poplinskii

pp. 156-159