Number 6, 2004

Ethnos and Culture

Cultural Ties between the Turkic and Iranian Peoples in the Sixth-Thirteenth Centuries (Language, Writing Systems, Religion)

pp. 3-13

On the Russian Translation of V.l. Jochelson’s “The Koryak”

pp. 14-30

Sacred Places of the Peoples of the North: Protection by Law and by Custom

pp. 31-41

The Worshiping of Cult Sites in the Polyethnic Context of the Northern Barguzinskaia Valley

pp. 42-58

The Contemporary Spiritual Culture of the Tuvans of Mongolia and China

pp. 59-73

Ethnos, Society, State

The Asymmetrical Construction of Ethnic Federalism

pp. 74-86

Administrative Resources in Ethnographic Studies

pp. 87-99

The Ket: Twenty Years After (1991-2001)

pp. 100-109

History of the Discipline

V.N. Tatishchev and the Study of Siberian Peoples in the Eighteenth Century

pp. 110-114


The List of Major Works by G.I. Anokhin

pp. 115-116

The List of Major Works by K.P. Kalinovskaia

pp. 117-118

The List of Major Works by N.A. Krasnovskaia

pp. 119-120

The List of Major Works by N.S. Polishchuk

pp. 121-123

The List of Major Works by Y.I. Semenov

pp. 124-125


International Interdisciplinary Congress «The Sacred as Viewed by the “Profane” and the “Initiated”»

pp. 126-133

Interdepartmental Seminar on “Ethnographic-Archaeological Complexes of the Peoples of Western Siberia” (1993-2004)

pp. 134-136

The Third International Summer School on Legal Anthropology: The Protection of the Right of Native Peoples of the North to Deer-Breeding

pp. 137

Islam and Law in Russia: Seminars of the Center for the Study of Muslim Law

pp. 138-142

Book Reviews

Review of Rybolovy i okhotniki basseina Obi: problemy formirovaniia kul’tury khantov i mansi (Fishermen and Hunters of the Ob River Basin: Issues in the Formation of Cultures of the Khant and the Mansi), by E.G. Fedorova. St. Petersburg, 2000

pp. 143-147

Review of Olenevodcheskaia kul’tura narodov Zapadnoi Sibiri (The Deer-Breeding Culture of the Peoples of the Western Siberia), by V.A. Koz’min. St. Petersburg, 2003

pp. 147-150

Review of Kamchadaly Ma- gadanskoi oblasti: istoria, kul’tura, identifikatsia (The Kamchadal of the Magadan Region: History, Culture, Identity), by L.N. Khakhovskaia. Magadan, 2003

pp. 150-153

Review of Nauka как forma obshchestvennogo razvitiia severnykh etnos- ov (Science as a Form of Social Development of Ethnic Groups of the North), by N.V. Lukina. Tomsk, 2002

pp. 153-156

Review of Russkie v Buriatii: istoria i sovremennost’ (Russians in Buryatia: History and the Present), ed. by V.l. Zateev. Ulan- Ude, 2002

pp. 157-158

Review of Narkomnats RSFSR: svet i teni natsional’ noi politiki 1917-1924 (The Narkomnats of the Russian Soviet Federal Socialist Republic: The Glow and Shadows of the National Policy, 1917-1924), by V.B. Chebotareva. Moscow, 2003

pp. 159-163

Memorable Dates

Boris Osipovich Dolgikh (1904-1971)

pp. 164-165

Maxim Grigorievich Levin (1904-1963)

pp. 166

Index of Materials Published in the Journal in 2004

pp. 167-172