Number 5, 2004

Theoretical Issues

The Scope and Methods of the Study of Everyday Life History

pp. 3-19

Ethnos and Culture

The Theme of Eschatological Invasion in the Beliefs of East Slavs in Mediaeval and Modern Times

pp. 20-42

Wealth and Wealthy People in the Imagination of Chuvash Peasants of the Middle Volga Region in the Second Half of the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries

pp. 43-52

Bath in the Folk Medicine of the Finns of Perm and Volga Regions

pp. 53-66

The Samaritans: History and the Present Ethnic-Social Situation

pp. 67-86

Sport and Cultural Identity in Society: History and the Present

pp. 87-94

Studies of the Discipline

Research in Ethnology and Social/Cultural Anthropology in Databases of the Social Science Information Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences

pp. 95-111

History of the Discipline

V.N. Belitser’s Research on Finnic-Speaking Peoples of Volga and Ural Regions

pp. 112-125


The Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkamera), Russian Academy of Sciences, 1992—2002

pp. 126-135

“The Show of the Peoples”: Artifact in the Museum Space

pp. 136-140

New Exhibit in the Russian Museum

pp. 141-145

The Exhibit on “The North-East and Baltic Peoples: The Eighteenth-Twentieth Centuries” in the Russian Ethnographic Museum: New Display Principles

pp. 145-150


The List of Major Works by I.Y. Boguslavskaia

pp. 151-152

The List of Major Works by A.A. Zubov

pp. 153


International Conference “Folk Cultures of the Russian North”

pp. 154-156

International Conference “Folklore of Paleoasiatic Peoples”

pp. 156-161

The International Academy of German-Russians

pp. 161-162

The Second Lazarev Readings

pp. 163-168

The Conference “University and Academic Research to the Economy of the Chechen Republic: Problems of Reconstruction and Development”

pp. 168-169

Book Reviews

Review of Fol’klor i narodnaia kul’tura. In Memoriam (Folklore and Folk Culture: In Memoriam), by B.N. Putilov. St. Petersburg, 2003

pp. 170-173