Number 4, 2004

Theoretical Issues

What Is a Theory in Russian Ethnography? (Part 2)

pp. 3-10

Theory or Myth?

pp. 11-15

One Theory Is Good, but Two Is Better

pp. 16-19

Why I Am not a Theoretician

pp. 20-22

140 Years since the First Settlement of Koreans in Russia

Koreans in Russia

pp. 23-27

Russia’s Koreans: The Issue of Self-Identification

pp. 27-42

The Historical Toponymy of Korean Settlements in the Russian Far East

pp. 43-62

The Specificity of Economy and Material Culture of the Koreans of the Russian Far East (the 1860s – early 20th century)

pp. 62-77

On N.V. Kiuner’s “Koreans in the Russian Far East”

pp. 78-79

Koreans in the Russian Far East

pp. 80-96

Ethnos, Society, State

The Germans of Russia in Germany: Integration and Ethnic Identities

pp. 97-113

The Dynamics of the Language Situation in Twentieth-Century France

pp. 114-119

Is the Disappearance of Language Diversity Inevitable? (Interview with Francois Heran, Director of Institut national d’etudes demographiques)

pp. 119-125

History of the Discipline

First Time in the North: B.O. Dolgikh – Registrar of the Circumpolar Census

pp. 126-147


The List of Major Works by L.P. Pavlinskaia

pp. 148-149

The List of Major Works by A.F. Nekrylova

pp. 150-152

Обзоры и рецензии

Review of Rekviem po etnosu (Requiem for Ethnos), by V.A. Tishkov. Moscow, 2003

pp. 153-155

Review of Istoriia tsygan – novyi vzgliad (History of Gypsies – a New View), by N. Demeter, N. Bessonov, and V. Kutenkov. Voronezh, 2000

pp. 156-162

“The Dispute between the Slavs” on the History of Gypsies: A Response to the Reviewer

pp. 162-168

In Memoriam

Abram Davidovich Dridzo

pp. 169-172

The List of Major Works by A.D. Dridzo

pp. 169-172