Number 3, 2004

From the Editors

pp. 3-6

Theoretical Issues

What Is a Theory in Russian Ethnography? (Part 1)

pp. 7-22

Ethnos and Culture

On the Specificity of the Current Religious Situation in Kalmykia: Buddhism and the “Initiated”

pp. 23-39

Traditional Housing in the Village of Taman in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries

pp. 40-49

Cave Dwellings of the Loessial Uplands in the North China

pp. 50-56

Ethnos, Society, State

Japan: The National Model of the Immigration Policy

pp. 56-65

Ethnicity as a Population Dynamics Factor in the Villages of Bashkiria

pp. 66-81

Gender Studies

The Feminist Project in Ethnology and Anthropology, 1980-2000

pp. 82-97

Portrait of a Scholar

E.G. Pchelina, a Scholar of the Caucasus

pp. 98-111


The List of Major Works by V.I. Kozlov

pp. 112-114

The List of Major Works by E.L. Nitoburg

pp. 114


Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Ethnic Maps in Major Russian Archival Collections (Toward a History of Ethnic Cartography in Russia)

pp. 115-125

History of the Discipline

Foma Ivanovich Gotepekin: The Sympathizer of the Ingush People

pp. 126-130

“Maga-Yerdy”: Ingush’s Pagan God-Guardian

pp. 131-137

Reading the Two Volumes of “Repressed Ethnographers”: A Review Essay

pp. 138-144


Activities at the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, Russian Academy of Sciences, in 2003

pp. 145-163

“Culture of the Peoples of the Continental Southeast Asia”: A New Exposition at the Museum of Ethnology and Anthropology, Russian Academy of Sciences

pp. 163-168

Book Reviews

Review of Malinowski’s Kiriwina: Fieldwork Photography 1915-1918, by M.W. Young. Chicago, 1998

pp. 169-170

Review of Bania i pech’ v russkoi narodnoi traditsii (Bath and Stove in the Tradition of the Russian People), ed. by V.A. Lipinskaia. Moscow, 2004

pp. 171-172

Review of Russkaia narodnaia utopia (Russian People’s Utopia), by K.V. Chistov. St. Petersburg, 2003

pp. 173-174