Number 6, 2006

Special Theme of the Issue

Anthropology of Dreams: For the 150th Anniversary of Sigmund Freud

(guest editor: S.V. Sokolovski)

Dream Reality – An Unconscious of Russian Anthropology?

pp. 3-15

Bicultural Dreaming: An Intersubjective Communicative Process

pp. 16-30

The Land of My Dream

pp. 31-37

Dreams in the Khant Culture

pp. 38-47

Dreams of an Ethnographer (an Essay in Auto-Ethnography)

pp. 48-52

On Shamanists’ Dreams (from Fieldwork Materials of 1970s-2000s)

pp. 53-61

Dreamtime and Revolution

pp. 62-76

Shamanism in Regional Studies

The Kazakh Baqsy: A History of One Photograph (F.A. Fielstrup’s Materials on Kazakh Shamanism)

pp. 77-85

On the Problem of Defining the Origin and Development of Black Shamanism among the Baykal Buryat

pp. 86-95


Blood or Soil? (What Is a French Nation Today): An Interview with Hervé Le Bras

pp. 96-107


Transformations of the Culture of Celebration and Festivities among the Russians of the Arkhangelsk North in the Twentieth and Early Twenty First Centuries

pp. 108-124

Perceptions of Boulder Stones in Russian Traditional Culture

pp. 125-143

On the Problem of Studying Ethnogenetic Processes in South-Eastern Siberia

pp. 144-153

The Waist Belt in Customs and Myths of the Bashkir

pp. 154-164

Marriage through Betrothal in the Caucasus: Forms and Evolution

pp. 165-169


Review of Country of the Heart: An Indigenous Australian Homeland, by D.B. Rose et al. Canberra, 2003

pp. 170-173

Review of Nerchinskie evenki v XVIII-XX vekakh (The Nerchinck Evenki in the 18th-20th Centuries), by T.B. Uvarova. Moscow, 2005

pp. 173-176

On the Jornal's Website

pp. 176

In Memoriam

Yulia Vladimirovna Ivanova

pp. 177-183

Nikolai Vladimirovich Zorin

pp. 184-186

Index of Materials Published in the Journal in 2006

pp. 187-191