Number 2, 1981

Ethnographic research in the 10th five-year-plan period

pp. 3-24

Modernity in the expositions of the State Ethnographical Museum of Soviet Peoples in Leningrad (searchings and problems)

pp. 25-35

The wedding ritual as a historical-ethnographic source (as exemplified by the Khorezm Uzbeks)

pp. 36-50

To the demographic study of the 9th century French village (people and names)

pp. 51-67

The differentiation of the peoples of Siberia and the Far East according to certain craniological indices

pp. 68-77


Key problems in the theory of cultural tradition

pp. 78-96

Comments on the paper by E. S. Markarian

Custom, ritual, tradition

pp. 97-99

On the regulative aspects of cultural tradition

pp. 99-101

On classifying the forms of cultural tradition

pp. 102-103

The axiological approach to cultural tradition

pp. 104

Tradition, «traditional societies» and the variability problem

pp. 105-107

Tradition and sociocultural structures

pp. 107-109

The geography of cultural traditions and its place in their integral utilization

pp. 110-112

On the historical types of traditional orientation

pp. 112-115

From the history of science

A German Slav scholar on Russian epos (a dissertation by Wilhelm Wollner, 1879)

pp. 116-121


On determining the numbers of North Siberian aborigines in the 17th century

pp. 122-124

The results of a metallographic analysis of two artifacts by Koryak smiths

pp. 125-127

Notes on Agul agricultural magic

pp. 128-132

Searchings, facts, hypotheses

Царская гробница в Паленке: легенды и факты

pp. 133-147

Chronicie of academic life

Problems of the early ethnic history of the Slavs at the 4th International Congress of Slavic Archaeology

pp. 148-151

Folklore study methods (the 8th Bogatyryov readings)

pp. 151-152

An exhibition «From the history of sports and games of the peoples of the world» in the Peter the Great Anthropological Museum of the USSR Academy of Sciences

pp. 153-157

Traditional sports of Soviet nationalities

pp. 157-159

At the readings devoted to Middle Asia (Soviet Central Asia) and the Caucasus

pp. 160-161

The study of peoples and photography

pp. 161-164

Expeditions in brief

pp. 164-166

Criticism and bibliography

Critical articles and reviews

On the early population spread and ethnic contacts of the pra-Slavs in the Carpathian-Danube area

pp. 167-175

Soviet peoples

I. I. Travin. The environment of material objects and the Socialist way of life

pp. 176-177

A. T. Ganalanian. Armenian legends and traditions

pp. 177-180

V. I. Molodin. The Kyshtovka burial site

pp. 180-181

Peoples of Asia outside the USSR

The art of Burma

pp. 182-184

Peoples of America

James W. VanStone. Ingalik Contact Ecology: an Ethnohistory of the Lower-Middle Yukon, 1790—1935

pp. 185-187