Number 6, 1981

People’s Culture and the Rise of National Self Awareness

pp. 3-13

Ethnic and Social Homo geneity in Marriages (Based on Materials from Civil Status Registration Centres of Kishinev City for the Post-War Period

pp. 14-26

Towards a Historical-Ethnographic Description of the Contemporary Family among the Peoples of Yugoslavia

pp. 27-51

On Possible Ethnographic Analogues for a Primi tive Society of Hunters and Foragers

pp. 42-51

V. Ya. Propp: Legends and Facts

pp. 52-64

Ethnic Features in the Genogeography of G6PD De ficiency among the Population of the USSR

pp. 65-77

On the Southern Limits of the Area Inhabited in Antiquity by North Asian Mongoloids

pp. 78-88


Sex-and-Age Stratification and Age Classes in Ancient Akan Society (Introducing the Problem)

pp. 89-97

To the Problem of Age Symbolism

pp. 98-106

Some Remarks in Connexion with the Problem of Sex-and-Age Stratification

pp. 107-111


On the Social Structure of the Rutuls (Late 16th to Early 17th Centuries)

pp. 112-118

The Traditional Azerbaijani Ploughing Implement — the gara-kolan

pp. 119-128

Caste Relations among the Velimulla District Sinhalese

pp. 129-136

Searchings, Facts, Hypotheses

The Family Drama of Ivan the Terrible: Aspects Illustrating Domestic Customs

pp. 137-140

Academic Life

«Ethnocultural Processes in the Contemporary World»: an All-Union Conference

pp. 141-148

Criticism and Bibliography

Critical Articles and Reviews

A. S. Suleimanov. The Toponymy of Checheno- Ingushetia, Part I—III

pp. 149-152

General Ethnography

Myths of the Peoples of the World. An Encyclopedia, v. I

pp. 152-155

Peoples of the U.S.S.R.

S. I. Gritsa. The Melodics of Ukrainian Folklore

pp. 156-158

Index to Papers and Materials Published in «Sovetskaya Etnografia» in 1976— 1980

pp. 159-183

Index to papers and Materials Published in «Sovetskaya Etnografia» in 1981

pp. 184-189