Number 4, 1981

The Problem of Culture Classification (as Exemplified by the Armenian Food System)

pp. 3-15

To the Study of Ritual Folklore (on East Slav Material)

pp. 16-25

The «Pomochi» Custom among 19th Century Russian Peasants (To the Integrated Study of Work Traditions)

pp. 26-38

On the Marriage Systems of the Indigenous Peoples of Northern Asia

pp. 39-52

To the Palaeoanthropology of the Ananyino Culture

pp. 53-62

Australian Immigration 1947—1979

pp. 63-82


Animal Husbandry and Nomadism. Definitions and Terminology

pp. 83-94


Tendencies in the Evolution of Ethnic Groups in a Multinational Environment (the Case of Albanian Settlements in Southern Ukraine in the 19th and 20th Centuries)

pp. 95-107

Traditional Amusements of the Abkhazian Peasantry in the Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries

pp. 108-118

New Materials on the Mongol Epos and the Problem of the Evolution of Folk Narrative Traditions

pp. 119-129

The Study and Teaching of Russian Folklore in British and American Universities

pp. 130-141

An Ethnographic Journey to Japan Searchings, Facts, Hypotheses

pp. 142-153

Searchings, Facts, Hypotheses

On the Onega River

pp. 154-165

Our Anniversaries

A List of the Main Works by M. K. Kudriavtsev (to his 70th Birthday)

pp. 166-167

Academic Life

A Symposium Devoted to the 100th Death Anniversary of I. I. Sreznevski

pp. 168-169

An Exposition Devoted to the Peoples of Transcaucasia in the State Museum for the Ethnography of Soviet Peoples

pp. 170-172

Expeditions in Brief

pp. 172

Criticism and Bibliography

General Ethnography

Yu. V. Bromley. Contemporary Problems of Ethnography (Outlines of Its Theory and Flistory)

pp. 174-177

V. P. Alexeyev. Historical Anthropology

pp. 178-180

Soviet Peoples

R. G. Kuzeyev. A Historical Ethnography ot the Bashkir People

pp. 181-182

V. F. Mllovidov. The Old Believer Faith in Present Times

pp. 183-184

L. H. Feoktistova. Estonian Agriculture in the 18th to Early 20th Centuries. Its System and Technology

pp. 185-186

A. D. Gratch. Ancient Nomads in Central Asia

pp. 187-189