Number 2, 2014

Special Theme of the Issue

On Deadly Serious Matters: Anthropology of Death in Contemporary Russia

(guest editors – A.D. Sokolova, A.B. Yudkina)

The Burial/Funeral Ritual Outside of Traditional Culture: Trends and Dynamics of Transformations in Contemporary Russia

pp. 3-6

The Commodifi cation of the Funeral, or the History of Formation of the Market of Funeral Services

pp. 6-13

The Commercialization of the Funeral Ritual and New Roles of Local Ritual Specialists

pp. 14-25

The Dynamics of Urban Funeral Ritual: Global Social Factors and Local Anthropological Contexts

pp. 26-35

Cenotaphs as a Contemporary Form of Objectivization of Memory of the Dead

pp. 36-47

The Memorialization of the Beslan Tragedy

pp. 48-61

History of the Discipline

Russian Émigré Ethnographers in Manchuria, Their Works and Lives

pp. 62-75

Ethnographer Albert Lipsky in Altai: Pages of Biography

pp. 76-82

A.E. Krymsky as an Ethnographer of Lebanon

pp. 82-90

V.F. Miller and His Ossetian Studies

pp. 90-98

Historical Ethnography of Slavs

Social and Age Groups in the Traditional Russian Peasant Society of the Reform Era: The Gender Aspect

pp. 99-115

On the Issue of Mythological Characters of the Russians of the Central Chernozem Region (the 19th – Early 20th Centuries)

pp. 116-130

Caroling During the Harvest (Drawn on Data from the Southwestern Historical-Ethnographic Area of Ukraine)

pp. 131-138

Articles and Materials

Representation of Ethnicity in Monuments and Related Practices in the Levashovo Memorial Cemetery

pp. 139-152

The Ugrian Chapter in the History of the Chuvash

pp. 153-166

Rethinking the Significance of Altered States of Consciousness (Through the Cases of Psychological Anthropology)

pp. 167-178

Reviews and Surveys

Review of Respubliki Severnogo Kavkaza: etnopoliticheskaia situatsiia i otnosheniia s federal’nym tsentrom (Republics of the Northern Caucasus: Ethnopolitical Situation and Relations with the Federal Center), ed. by I.G. Kosikov. Moscow, 2012

pp. 179-183

Mahabharata in the Light of The Iliad: Review of Mif ritual i istoriia v Makhabkharate (Myth, Ritual, and History in Mahabharata), by Y.V. Vasil’kov. St. Petersburg, 2010

pp. 183-186

Review of Russkie v Moldavii. Dvadtsat’ let spustia… Etnosotsiologicheskoe issledovaniie (Russians in Moldova: Twenty Years After… An Ethnosociological Study), by L.V. Ostapenko, I. A. Subbotina, S.L. Nesterova. Moscow, 2012

pp. 186-189