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The Memorialization of the Beslan Tragedy

Type of publication: Research Article

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A.B. Yudkina | a.b.yudkina@gmail.com


contemporary funeral ritual, grassroots and official memorialization, institutionalization of memory, spontaneous shrines, traumatic death


In the past two decades, new forms of memorialization of traumatic death have been increasingly affecting the public sphere; they have been commented upon by mass media as widely as the corresponding tragedies themselves. These forms of institutionalization of memory are becoming part of general commemorative practices related to cases of sudden and tragic death. Realizing that tragedy can strike anyone, in the aftermath of such events, people all over the world express support and solidarity for those who died or suffered as well as their relatives.


Yudkina, A.B. 2014. The Memorialization of the Beslan Tragedy. Etnograficheskoe obozrenie 2: 48-61

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