Number 3, 2014

Special Theme of the Issue

Space, Consumption, and Identities in Post-Socialist Countries

(guest editors - O.Y. Gurova, J.O. Habeck)

Still Post-Socialism? Space, Aesthetic Judgments, Inequalities

pp. 3-8

The Changing Significance of Remoteness in Contemporary Russia

pp.  8-24

Dzerzhinka: Socialist Surfaces and Multiple Modernities of an Urban District in Novosibirsk

pp. 24-34

“Life After the Fall of the Giants”: Narrative Identities of the Residents of an Industrial Town

pp. 35-51

“People Dress So Brightly Here!”: Social Distinctions through Clothing in St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk

pp. 52-70

China Sets and Crystal Cups: Material Traces of the Communist Past in Romanian Homes

pp. 71-87

“Mafia Baroque”: The Post-Socialist Aesthetics, Architecture, and Urban Planning in Bulgaria

pp. 87-105

Afterward: Approaches to the Study of Post-Socialism

pp. 106-109

Ethnography of the Caucasus

The Secret Tongue of Warriors: Ossetian Language of the Chase

pp. 110-116

Forms of Territorial-Political Self-Organization of the Abkhaz in the 18th—19th Centuries

pp. 117-127

Articles and Materials

The “Paris Mysteries” of Komi’s Capital: The Multiplicity of Images and Identities in the Cultural Space of a City

pp. 128-147

Bioindustry and the Ethics of Consumption as a Trend in the Contemporary World: Austrian and Russian Experiences

pp. 148-163

The Holiday Calendar of the Russian Village of the 19th – Early 20th Centuries: On the Issue of Correlation between Work Days and Holidays

pp. 164-176

The Structure of Scythe, Hay Mowing, and Ethnic-Cultural Adaptation of Ukrainians of the Carpathians (Late 19th – Early 20th Centuries)

pp. 177-185

Reviews and Surveys

Review of F. Laplantine. Quand le moi devient autre. Connaitre, echanger, transformer. Paris, 2012

pp. 186-189

Review of Smert’ v Makharashtre: Voobrazheniie, vospriiatiie, voploshcheniie (Death in Maharashtra: Imagination, Perception, Embodiment). Moscow, 2012

pp. 189-191