Number 6, 2013

Special Theme of the Issue

Concepts of the Field and Field Research

(editor - S.V. Sokolovskiy)

Discipline and Practice: “The Field” as Site, Method and Location in Anthropology

pp. 3-44

The Concept of the Field and Fieldwork in Early Soviet Ethnography

pp. 45-68

G. P. Snesarev and the Field Study of “Religious-and-Everyday Survivals”

pp. 69-88

Appendix: G.P. Snesarev. Some Questions of Methods in Ethnographic Field Research in Areas of Religion and Atheism

pp. 89-94

Revisiting the Published

On Principles and Prospects of Further Studies of N.N. Miklouho-Maclay’s Scholarly Heritage

pp. 95-101

Biopower: Heuristic Field of the Concept in Anthropology

pp. 102-108

Hybrids and Chimaeras of Humans and Animals: Experiments and Ethics

pp. 109-117

Research and Materials

Sport in the History of Christian Cultures

pp. 118-129

A Mysterious Sujet from the Koryak Ethnography (a History of a Micro-Study)

pp. 130-139

The Cult of Writing and the Magic of Literacy in the North-West Caucasus (Forms, Origins, and the Sufi Factor)

pp. 139-149

Zakamie Udmurts: The Tradition of Paradoxes (Ethnomusicological Essay)

pp. 150-158

Sacred Humor: The Image and Significance of Heyoka among the Great Plains Indians of North America

pp. 159-164


Review of Ethnography and the Corporate Encounter: Reflections on Research in and of Corporations, ed. by M. Cefkin. N.Y.- L., 2010

pp. 165-170

Review of Estontsy v Permskom krae: ocherki po istorii i etnografii (Estonians in the Perm Region: Essays in History and Ethnography), by A. V. Chernykh, T. G. Goleva, S. A. Shevyrin. St. Petersburg, 2010

pp. 170-174

Review of Dal’nevostochnye evenki: etnokul turnye i etnosotsial’nye protsessy v XXveke (The Far East Evenki: Ethnic-Cultural and Ethnic-Social Processes in the 20th Century), by V. A. Turaev. Vladivostok, 2008

pp. 175-177

Review of Sovetskii Soyuz 1944-1991 gg. v istoriografii: reprezentatsiia polietnicheskogo politicheskogo soobshchestva (The Soviet Union of 1944-1991 in Historiography: Representation of Multiethnic Political Community), by N. N. Konstantinov. Ekaterinburg, 2012

pp. 177-181

In memoriam

Viktor Ivanovich Kozlov

pp. 182-183

Rakhmat Rakhimovich Rakhimov

pp. 184-185

Index of Articles and Materials Published in the Journal in 2013

pp. 186-190