Number 1, 2013

Special Theme of the Issue

"Nationalism and Archaeology"

(guest editor – V.A. Shnirelman)

Archaeology and Society – A Problematic Relationship: an Introduction

pp. 3-8

Nationalism and Archaeology

pp. 9-25

Homelands in the Present and in the Past: Political Implications of a Dangerous Concept

pp. 26-36

Altai Nationalism and Archaeology

pp. 37-51

Turkomstaris-Sredazkomstaris-Uzkomstaris: the Forming of Institutions and Ethnocentric Division of the Cultural Heritage of Central Asia

pp. 52-68

Places of Violence: Terrorism, Tourism and Heritage in the Archaeological Past

pp. 69-88

Materials and Research

Bioethics and Anthropology

pp. 89-103

We Came Here for A Hope: The Experience of Mali Immigrants in France

pp. 104-117

Carnac – a Cognitive Barrier? An Interpretation of Stele Rows in Western Europe of the Fifth Millenium B.C. in the Light of Ethnological and Archaeological Data in Eurasia

pp. 118-136

Traditional Culture Studies

Water Deity: The Magic of Combing Hair as a Premise for the Creation (on Northern Russian Folklore and Ethnographic Materials)

pp. 137-152

Urban Universalism and Ethnic Traditions in Woman’s Dress of Dagestan Peoples (2nd Half of the 20th – Early 21st Centuries)

pp. 153-171

Reviews and Surveys

Review of La inmigración en España: perspectivas innovadoras // Revista Internacional de Sociología. Madrid, 2011. Vol. 69. 286 p.

pp. 172-182

Review of Zhizn’ otdannaia nauke. Sem’ia etnografov Kharuzinykh. Iz istorii rossiiskoi etnografi i (1880–1930-e gody) (Life Devoted to Science: The Family of Kharuzin Ethnographers: From the History of Russian Ethnography [1880–1930s]), by M.M. Kerimova. Moscow, 2011

pp. 182-184

Review of Russkii pravoslavnyi post: Ot pervykh ustanovlenii – k sovremennoi praktike (Russian Orthodox Fast: From the Initial Instituting to the Present Day Practice), by T.A. Voronina. Moscow, 2011

pp. 185-187

Review of Song Zhaolin, Li Lu-lu. Traditsionnye prazdniki Kitaia v illiustratsiiakh (Song Zhaolin, Li Lu-lu: Traditional Celebrations of China in Illustrations). Moscow, 2012

pp. 188-189

Review of Illiustrativnye kollektsii po narodam Tsentral’noi Azii vtoroi poloviny XIX – nachala XX veka v sobraniiakh Kunstkamery (Illustration Collections on Peoples of Central Asia of the 2 nd Half of the 19th – Early 20th Centuries in Kunstkamera), by V.A. Prishchepova. St. Petersburg, 2011

pp. 190-191