Number 6, 2012

Special Theme of the Issue

"From the Cult of Trees to the World Tree and Back Again": New Approaches and Concepts

(guest editor - I.A. Morozov)

Mythological Trees in the Forest of Culture

pp. 3–18

The Mythologem of the World Tree and Mythologies of Peoples of the Uralic Linguistic Family

pp. 19–28

Trees in the Traditional Culture of Slavs: A Problem of Systematic Description

pp. 29–42

“Go to That Azure Tree, Climb It.” (On the Issue of the Image of the Tree in Russian Fairy Tales)

pp. 43–59

The Roots of the Tree: Interpretations of the Archetypal Image of the “Tree” in Contemporary Cinema

pp. 60–72

Ethnography of the Family

The Family and Marriage among the Daur

pp. 73–83

The Dynamics of Relationships within Ethnically Mixed Families after the Conflict in Osh, Fergana Valley

pp. 84–98

History of the Discipline

From the History of Domestic Ethnography: Nina Ivanovna Gagen-Torn (1900–1986)

pp. 99–122

Research and Materials

Taqiyya and Identity in a South Asian Community

pp. 123–153

Native Interpreters in the Russian America

pp. 154–167

Chukotka’s Sea Hunters in the Period of Initial Soviet Reforms

pp. 168–182


Review of Exploring the Edge of Empire: Soviet Era Anthropology in the Caucasus and Central Asia. Berlin, 2011

pp. 183–186

Index of materials published in the journal in 2012

pp. 187–191

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