Number 1, 2012

Asian Research

Identity Documents in China: History, Structure, National Idea

pp. 3–23

The Connection between the Female Cult and the Stringed Instrument Morin Khuur in the Traditional Culture of Mongolian Peoples

pp. 24–31

The Nutrition System and Social Structure of the Chenchu of Southern India

pp. 32–50

Ethnography of Celebration Traditions

Local Traditional Celebrations of the Veps: Particularities of the Phenomenon in the 21st Century

pp. 51–60

St. Elias Day in the Voldino Village: Traditions in the Flow of Time

pp. 61–71

Calendar Celebratory Territory Inspections in Local Traditions of the Komi

pp. 72–84

The Komi-Permyak Celebration of Prollaver with the Bull Slaying Rite

pp. 85–101

History of the Discipline

A.M. Ladyzhensky, the Founder of the Legal Anthropology of the Caucasus

pp. 102–109

Sofi a Bogoras – the Collector of Russian Folklore in Chukotka

pp. 110–120

Ethnographic Materials and Studies

Problems of Social Capital Liquidity in Programs for the Development of Numerically Small Indigenous Peoples of the Sakhalin North

pp. 121–132

Traditional Economy of the Sakhalin Nivkhs: Between Sustainability and Development

pp. 133–150

Marriage and Divorce in People’s Courts of Turkestan: The Interaction of Adat and Sharia under the Russian Governance

pp. 151–166


Review of Narody Severo-Vostoka Sibiri. Ainy, Aleuty, Itel’meny, Kamchadaly, Kereki, Koriaki, Nivkhi, Chuvantsy, Chukchi, Eskimosy, Yukagiry (Peoples of the North-East of Siberia: Ainu, Aleut, Itelmen, Kamchadal, Kerek, Koriak, Nivkh, Chuvantsy, Chukchi, Eskimo, Yukagir), ed. by E.P. Batianova, V.A. Turaev. Moscow, 2010

pp. 167–169

Review of Kochevniki i vneshnii mir (Nomads and the Outer World), by A.M. Khazanov. St. Petersburg, 2008

pp. 169–171

Review of Tundrennyi dialect zapadnogo narechiia evenskogo yazyka: Etnolingvisticheskoe i etnogeograficheskoe issledovanie (The Tundra Dialect of the Western Local Variety of the Even Language: Ethnolinguistic and Ethnogeographic Study), by K.I. Dutkin, M.K. Belianskaia. St. Petersburg, 2009

pp. 172–174

Review of Poliaki v Permskom krae: ocherki istorii i etnografii (The Polish in the Perm Region: Essays in History and Ethnography), ed. by A.V. Chernykh. St. Petersburg, 2009

pp. 175–178

Review of Two Bits: The Cultural Significance of Free Software, by C.M. Kelty. Durham, 2008

pp. 178–181

Review of Lichnost: igra i realnost (Person: Play and Reality). Moscow, 2010

pp. 181–184

Review of Shorskii geroicheskii epos (The Shors Heroic Epic), vol. 1. Moscow, Kemerovo, 2010

pp. 185–188

Review of Russkii krai, chuzhaia vera: etnokonfessional’naia politika imperii v Litve i Belorussii pri Aleksandre II (Russian Land, Stranger’s Faith: Ethnic-Religious Policy of the Empire in Lithuania and Byelorussia under Alexander II), by M.D. Dolbilov. Moscow, 2010

pp. 188–190

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