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Sofi a Bogoras – the Collector of Russian Folklore in Chukotka

Type of publication: Research Article

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Tatiana S. Shentalinskaia | ethnomusicologist


sofi a bogoras, jesup expedition, markovo, anadyr, phonographic records of folklore


In Russian ethnography and folklore studies, the part that Sofi a Bogoras had played in the work of the Jesup North Pacifi c Expedition has been unfairly neglected up until recently. Archival research through diaries, fi eld notes, and letters, as well as some published accounts of the expedition point to the fact that the recordings (including phonographic ones) of Russian folklore in the village of Markovo in Anadyr, which have been valuable in studying the traditional culture of the Siberian North-East and usually thought of as produced by Waldemar Bogoras, had been in fact done by his wife, Sofi a Bogoras.


Shentalinskaia, T.S. 2012. Sofi a Bogoras – the Collector of Russian Folklore in Chukotka. Etnograficheskoe obozrenie 1: 110-120

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