Number 3, 2012

Special Theme of the Issue

Anthropology of Organizations and Networks Communities

(guest editor - N.V. Bogatyr)

Anthropology of Organizations and Network Communities: History and the Present

pp. 3-12

On the Rules of Reproduction of an Invisible Science: The Network Structure of a Russian Scientific Laboratory

pp. 13-28

The TRIZ Community: The Logic and Ethic of a Soviet Inventor

pp. 29-46

Crossing the Boundaries between the State and the Church: The Case of an Orthodox Christian University

pp. 47-64

When Innovations Are Possible: Social Embeddedness and Trust in a Community of Technological Entrepreneurs

pp. 65-77

Urbanites and Reforms in the Housing and Utility Sector: Networks of Resistance

pp. 78-87

The Role of User Communities in the Development and Dissemination of Technological Innovations

pp. 88-104

Антропология туризма

Internet and Cultural Glocalization: A Glocal Community of St. Petersburg Couchsurfers

pp. 105-117

The Hospitality of Austrian Farmers: Between Tradition and Globalization

pp. 118-128

Материалы и исследования

The Russian Peasant and the Material World of His Judicial Power (the Second Half of the Nineteenth Century)

pp. 129-146

Fetus Expulsion and Contraception in the Traditional Peasant Culture of the European Part of Russia (Second Half of the 19th Century through 1930s)

pp. 147-160

On the History of Studying the Sakhalin Population: A.P. Chekhovs Archival Materials

pp. 161-174


Words and Meanings: On the Translatability of Cultures, or Anthropology as an “Art of Translation”

pp. 175-183


Review of Human Ecology: Contemporary Research and Practice, ed. by D.G. Bates, J. Tucker. N.Y., 2010

pp. 184-187

Review of Etnos i mifologiia: Elementarnye struktury etnografii (Ethnos and Mythology: Elementary Structures of Ethnography), by PL. Belkov. St. Petersburg, 2009

pp. 187-191

On Journal's Website in "EO-Online"

Academic Information Website “Ethnic Ecology”: Structure and Goals

pp. 193-195