Number 4, 2012

Special Theme of the Issue

Ethnography of Migrations

(guest editor - S.N. Abashin)

Central Asian Migration: Practices, Local Communities, Transnationalism

pp. 3–13

The Tajik, Non-Russians, Gastarbeiters, and Others: Foreign Migrant Workers in the Suburbs of Irkutsk

pp. 14–31

Migration, Masculinity, and the Transformation of Social Space in the Sokh Valley, Uzbekistan

pp. 32–50

Kishlak by the River: A Case Study of the Migration Process in One Settlement

pp. 51–67

Tajik Women in Labor Migration: A Forced Survival Tactic or Choice of Free Women?

pp. 68–81

Marriage, Sex, and Divorce among Tajik Migrant Workers

pp. 82–91

Research and Materials

On the Question of Family Form among Ancient Turks in Regard to Its Economic Functions

pp. 92–107

The System of Migration Interaction between Kazakhstan and Central Asian Countries in the Post-Soviet Period

pp. 108–125

The Organization of the Yerukala Society: Family and Suprafamilial Forms

pp. 126–139


To Feel the Movement of the Discipline (An Interview with D.D. Tumarkin)

pp. 140–165


Review of Traditsionnyi zhiznennyi tsikl russkikh Vodlozeria: obriady, obychai i konflikty (The Traditional Life Cycle of the Russians of Vodlozerie: Rites, Customs, and Conflicts), by K.K. Loginov. Moscow, Petrozavodsk, 2010

pp. 166–170

“The Sun on the Branches”: Three Books on the Folk Calendar of Russians of the Kama Region: Review of Russkii narodnyi kalendar’ v Prikam’ie: Prazdniki i obriady kontsa XIX- serediny XX v. (Russian Folk Calendar in the Kama Region: Celebrations and Rites of the End of the 19th – Mid-20th Centuries). Part I. Perm, 2006; Part II, Perm, 2008; Part III, Perm, 2009

pp. 170–179

Review of Caucase: he grandjeu des influences, by J. Radvanyi. Paris, 2011

pp. 179–182

In memoriam

Nina Petrovna Lobacheva

pp. 183–187

Lidiia Fedorovna Monogarova

pp. 188–191