Number 2, 2012

Special Theme of the Issue

Ethnicity: Stability and Changeability (the Case of the North)

(guest editors - Z.P. Sokolova, V.P. Golovnev)

Ethnicity: Sustainability and Changeability (the Case of the North)

pp. 3–12

Peoples of North-Western Siberia: Defi nitions and Political Science Discourse

pp. 13–18

Ethnicity: Both a Construction and a Reality

pp. 19–26

The Roster Identity and Live Life of Aborigines of the Russian North

pp.  27–33

Indigenous Peoples, Ethnicity and Politics

pp. 34–43

Stability, Change, and Ethnocultural Reproduction in the Modern and Postmodern Epochs

pp. 44–50

Real and New Khanty/Mansi: On Factors of Ethnic-Cultural Stability

pp. 51–56

The Present-Day Northern Mansi: A View from Within and from Without. A.A. Sirina. Some Remarks on Identity Formation among the Even and Evenki

pp. 57–62

Some Remarks on Identity Formation among the Even and Evenki

pp. 63–69

The Ivdel Mansi: Practice of Survival

pp. 70–76

Contemporary Ethnogenesis or Identity Politics?: On Naturalization in Social Sciences

pp. 77–83

On Traditions and Innovations: Acknowledgments for the Discussion

pp. 84–86

Physical Anthropological Studies

Dermatoglyphic Data on the Problem of Origins of Modern Population of the North-East of European Part of Russia

pp. 87–99

An Anthropology of the Besermyan

pp. 100–117

Ritual Injuries on the Skulls of Representatives of the Khvalynsk Eneolithic Culture of the Volga Region

pp. 118–125

Research and Materials

Ethnopedagogical Potentialities of North Caucasian Proverbial Instructions

pp. 126-136

Commemorative Signs at Road Accident Places

pp. 137–151

Ethnic History of Taiwan in Works by Russian Travelers and Scholars (The Late 18th – First Third of the 20th Centuries)

pp. 152–161

Rethinking and Change of Terms in the Vocabulary of Contemporary Chinese Ethnology

pp. 162–171

The Historical Metrology of the Chechen (Length, Distance, and Area Measures)

pp. 172–178

Scholarly Events

Journal “Izvestiia SOIGSI”

pp. 179


Review of Narody Severo-Vostoka Sibiri (Peoples of the North-East of Siberia). Moscow, 2010. V.Y. Grosul. Review of Moldavane (Moldavians). Moscow, 2010

pp. 180-183

Review of Moldavane. M., 2010

pp. 183–185

Review of Proiskhozhdenie udmurtskogo naroda (The Origin of the Udmurt People), by M.G. Atamanov-Egrapi. Izhevsk, 2010

pp. 186–188

Review of Russkie staroobriadtsy na Dunae: formirovaniie etnokonfessional’noi obshchnosti v kontse XVIII – pervoi polovine XIX vv. (Russian Old-Believers on the Danube: The Forming of the Ethnic-Religious Community in the End of the 18t h-First Half of the 19th Centuries). Moscow, 2010

pp. 189–191

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The Private and the Social: The Gender Aspect (on a Scholarly Conference in Yaroslavl)

pp. 193-195