Number 5, 2012

Special Theme of the Issue

"Food Preferences and the Construction of Identity"

(guest editor-I.A. Morozov)

The French Science of Food

pp. 3–12

The Food “Rich” and “Poor”: Food Markers of Sociocultural Hierarchies

pp. 13–23

Culinary Practices and Ethnicity (Through Observation Materials and Interviews with Armenians of St. Petersburg)

pp. 24–40

The Others’ Food in Travel Tales: The Early 19th Century and the Present

pp. 41–57

Easter Food and Easter Feast in the Soviet Time as an Instrument for the Preservation of Religious or Family Identity

pp. 58–70

The “Vital Food of Proletariat”: Constructing the Proletarian Identity in the USSR of the 1920s

pp.  71–83

Pilaf in the Traditional Cuisine of Bukhara Jews

pp. 84–90

Sociocultural Studies of the School

Turkish Educational Policies and the Assimilation Process among Kurds

pp. 91–103

School and Pupil in the Chinese Concept of Education: Traditions and Modernity

pp. 104–118

Communicative Behavior of Russian School Children (a Comparative Aspect)

pp. 119–138

Bullying as a Sociocultural Phenomenon and Its Relation to Personality Traits among Younger School Children

pp. 139–150

Materials and Research

A Description of Individuals with Trepanated Skulls among Representatives of Saltovo-Mayaki Culture: A Medical Practice or Cult?

pp. 151–157

Formirovanie magistral’noi iakutskoi kul’tury

pp. 158–170


Review of Istoriko-kul’turnyi atlas kazakhskogo naroda (Historical-Cultural Atlas of the Kazakh People). Almaty, 2011

pp. 171–174

Review of Fenomen identichnosti v sovremennom gumanitarnom znanii: k 70-letiiu akademika V.A. Tishkova (The Phenomenon of Identity in the Contemporary Humanities: For the 70th Anniversary of Academician V.A. Tishkov). Moscow, 2011

pp. 174–177

Review of Belyi papuas: N.N. Miklukho-Maklai na fane epokhi (The White Papuan: N.N. Miklukho-Maclay against the Background of the Epoch). Moscow, 2011

pp. 177–181

Review of Pravoslavie v Moldavii: vlast’, tserkov’, veruiushchie (The Orthodox Christianity in Moldova: Power, Church, Believers). Moscow, 2009-2012

pp. 181–186

In Memoriam

Khasan Mukhtarovich Dumanov

pp. 187–189

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The Life and Career of the Anthropologist T.A. Trofimova