Number 1, 2014

Special Theme of the Issue

Youth Subcultures and Practices

(guest editor - E. L. Omelchenko)

From Subcultures to Solidarities and Back to Subcultures? Debates on Terms and the Ethnography of Youth Sociality

pp. 3-8

What Are Post-Subcultural Studies? M.A. Kudryashov. Subculture and After It: A History of a Fundamental Concept in the Youth Studies

pp. 8-23

Subculture and After It: A History of a Fundamental Concept in the Youth Studies

pp. 23-32

“Our Gift to This World”: An Analysis of Specificities of Violence in Practices of a St. Petersburg Fight Club

pp. 33-46

(Non)Monetary Consumption in the Anti- Capitalist Youth Milieu: An Experience of Field Study of Anarchists

pp. 47-60

Skinhead Identity in a Local Context: Homosociality, Intimacy, and Fighter’s Body

pp. 61-76


The Role of Age Initiation in the Socialization of the Child

pp. 77-90

Primitive Age Initiations in the Circle of “Eternal” Questions

pp. 91-101

Materials and Research

Ethnocentrism as an Everyday Consciousness Phenomenon: Basic Theoretical-Methodological Approaches to Examining Its Origins, Structure, Forms, and Manifestations

pp. 102-111

Russian Drama Theater in the Ethnic-National Context

pp. 111-124

Toward a Typology of Plots of East Slavic Folktales 672 and 673 According to the Aarne-Thompson System

pp. 125-139

Forms of Identity in India: Caste and Jati

pp. 139-148

The First European Account of Beliefs of the Americas’ Natives (“Relation” by Ramon Pane)

pp. 149-163

The Khipu of Chupachu: The Organization of Labor among the Taxable Population in the Inca Empire

pp. 163-172

Reviews and Surveys

Review of Slavianskie drevnosti: Etnolingvisticheskii slovar’v 5-ti t. (Slavic Antiquities: Ethnolinguistic Dictionary in 5 Vols.), ed. by N. I. Tolstoi. T. 5. Moscow, 2012

pp. 173-176

Review of Ritualy dostatka: Traditsionnye zemledel’cheskie, skotovodcheskie i promyslovye kul’ty sibirskikh tatar (Rituals of Affluence: Traditional Agricultural, Cattle-Breeding, and Trade Cults of the Siberian Tatar), by A. A. Yarzutkina. St. Petersburg, 2012. (

pp. 177-178

Review of Imperial Boundaries: Cossack Communities and Empire-Building in the Age of Peter the Great, by B. J. Boeck. N.Y., 2009

pp. 179-182

Review of Kazachki Kubani v konlse XVIII-seredine XIX veka: spetsifika povsednevnoi zhizni v usloviiakh voennogo vremeni (Cossack Women of Kuban in the Late 18th – Mid-19th Centuries: Specifics of Everyday Life in Wartime Conditions), by A. A. Tsibulnikova. Armavir, 2012

pp. 183-189