Number 4, 2014

Special Theme of the Issue

Strategies of Identification in Central Asia

(guest editors - P. Finke, G. Schlee)


pp. 3-10

The Political Background of the “North-South” Dichotomy in Kyrgyzstan

pp. 10-19

International Borders as Obstacles and Opportunities: The Case of the Ferghana Valley

pp. 19-27

“Kazakhstanizing” Kazakhstan: Language Policies, Nationalism and Ethnics Minorities

pp. 27-35

The Khojas of Southern Kazakhstan: History and Identity

pp. 35-45

Between “Sarf ’ and “Kalmak”: Politics of Identity in Kyrgyzstan

pp. 45-55

When the Sun Returns to the Human: The Celebration of Nawruz in Tajikistan

pp. 56-66

New Transnational Movements and Relationships: The Case of Kazakhs from Gansu

pp.  66-76

Ethnography of Central Asia

Private Space in the Value System of a Traditional Society

pp. 77-93

On the Issue of Forms of Exploitation and Social Dependence among the Ancient Turks of the 6th—11 th Centuries: A Historiographical Aspect

pp. 93-107

Ten Karakalpak Saukele

pp. 108-119

On Worshiping the Camel among the Peoples of the South Aral Sea Area

pp. 119-126

Articles and Materials

A Prehistory of Visual Anthropology: The First Half of the 20th Century

pp. 127-140

“Northern Territory National Emergency Response” in Australia in 2007: Assessments and Interpretations

pp. 141-156

UNESCO World Heritage Objects on International Currency Bills

pp. 156-170

Reviews and Surveys

Review of Renouveau culturel et diversite nationale au Kazakhstan: Les associations culture lies tatares, by Y.-M. Davenel. Paris, 2013

pp. 171-174

Review of On a mange nos moutons: Le Kirghizstan du berger au biznesman, by B. Petrie. Belin, 2013

pp. 174-176

Review of Kyrgyzy Sin ‘tziana (KNR) (The Kyrghyz of Xinjiang [PRC]), by A.A. Asankanov. Bishkek, 2010

pp. 177-178

Review of Noveishaia istoriia ismailitov: preemstvennost’ i peremeny v musul ’manskoi obshchine (A Modem History of the Ismailis: Continuity and Change in a Muslim Community). Moscow, 2013

pp. 179-181

Review of Iz Rossii cherez Aziiu v Ameriku: russkiie staroobriadtsy (From Russia via Asia to America: Russian Old-Believers), by Y.V. Argudiaeva, A.A. Khisamutdinov. Vladivostok, 2013

pp. 181-184

Review of Chechentsy (The Chechen). Moscow, 2012

pp. 184-188

Review of Natal’nii narrativ i ustna traditsiia: sintaktika, semantika, pragmatika (Native Narrative and Oral Tradition: Syntactics, Semantics, Pragmatics), by O.V. Labashchuk. Temopil’, 2013

pp. 188-191


pp. 191