Number 6, 2014

Special Theme of the Issue

Cannibalism: Outcomes, Prospects, and Contexts

(guest editor - K.A. Bogdanov)

Cannibalism: History, Contexts and Prospects for Study

pp. 3-6

Showtime for Cannibals

pp. 6-21

“Thank You for the Kidney!”: Power and Consumption in Organ Theft Legends

pp.  22-42

Polite Cannibals and Rude Anthropophags: USSR, Before and After (On the History of a Social Metaphor)

pp. 42-63

Ethnographic Siberian Studies

Tibetan Buddhism and Tibetan Community in the Religious Culture of the Buryat

pp. 64-79

Long-Haired Kalmaks

pp. 80-91

Ethnography of China

Wenhua as a Concept of the Chinese Civilization

pp. 92-107

On the History of Classification of Peoples in the PRC

pp. 108-124

Articles and Materials

The Bedouins of Southern Sinai: Ethnographic and Anthropological Data

pp. 125-141

The Language of Peasant Justice in the Second Half of the 19th Century: From Oral to Written

pp. 142-154

The Traditional Culture of Food among the Old Believer Peasants of the Nagatinskaia District, Moscow Region (Late 19th Century – 1940s)

pp. 155-169

Reviews and Surveys

On Armenian Ethnography and Ethnographic Armenian Studies: A Review of Armiane (Armenians). Moscow, 2012

pp. 170-177

Review of Armiane (Armenians). Moscow, 2012

pp. 178-183

Review of Evenki i eveny v sovremennom mire: samosoznaniie, prirodopol’zovaniie, mirovozzreniie (The Evenki and Even in the Modern World: Identity, Nature Use, Worldview), by A.A. Sirina. Moscow, 2012

pp. 183-186

Index of Articles and Materials published in 2014

pp. 187-191