Number 4, 2013

From the History of the Institute: Toward the 80th Anniversary of the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, RAS

The Institute of Ethnology Today

pp. 3-16

The North Expedition of the Institute of Ethnography (1956-1991)

pp. 17-34

The Main Issues in Ethnography of Ob-Ugrian Peoples

pp. 34-48

A History of Establishment and Development of Domestic Ethnic Ecology

pp. 49-64

Imperial Archaeology and Archaeological Empires: the Soviet Khorezm Archaeological Expedition

pp. 65-87

An Expedition to the Primitive: On an Unfulfilled Dream of Soviet Ethnography

pp. 88-94

N. N. Miklouho-Maclay's 125th Anniversary

Maclay’s Women

pp. 95-110

An Unknown Autograph by N.N. Miklouho-Maclay

pp. 111-117

History of the Discipline

A Scholar and Her Time (Toward an Academic Biography of Professor K. I. Kozlova)

pp. 118-128

Research and Materials

Headscarf and Hijab; Qalpaq and Turban: On National and Religious Traditions in the Dress of Northern Caucasus Peoples

pp. 129-154

Headgear of the Russian Woman in the 15th-17th Centuries

pp. 154-174

The Structure of Ethnic-Cultural Space in Ethnographic Art Works of the 1920s-30s from the Collections of the T. Yevseyev National Museum of the Mari El Republic

pp. 174-187


Review of Materialy k biobibliograficheskomu slovariu rossiiskikh etnografov i antropologov. XX vek (Materials for the Biobibliographical Dictionary of Russian Ethnographers and Anthropologists: 20th Century). St. Petersburg, 2012

pp. 188-189

In memoriam

Sergei Abdulkhalikovich Luguev

pp. 190-191