Number 5, 1982

The Numerical Trends of the Russian Popul; tion and the Changes in Its Geographical Distribution Subsequent to the Great Octobi Socialist Revolution

pp. 3-21

The Content of the Concept «Anthropologj at the Present Development and Integration Level of Science in the Soviet Union

pp. 21-33

The Wedding Ritual in Public Opinion (c the Base of Ethnosociological Studies of Soviet Peoples)

pp. 33-40

The Reflection of Ethnosocial Processes in the Material Culture of the Present-Day Rur. Family (as Exemplified by the Peoples of Middle Asia and Kazakhstan)

pp. 41-51

The Rise of the Métis Population in Canada

pp. 51-64


Changes in the Ethnic Composition of the Azerbaijan SS (according to 1897—1979 Census Data)

pp. 65-71

Tradition. Forms of Spending Leisure Time in the Social Life of Osset Peasantry in the 19th ar Early 20th Centuries

pp. 72-78

The Museum and the Sti dent (to the Centenary of the Tomsk University Museum for the Archaeology and Ethm graphy of Siberia)

pp. 78-82

On the Fringe of Byelorissian Polessj Region

pp. 82-89

Exhibitions Showing Eurasian Nomad Culture in Japan

pp. 89-97

Naga Sacral Community Leaders

pp. 97-107

The Gavli-Dhangars: the Ecology of a Pastoral Cast

pp. 107-119

Searchings, Facts, Hypotheses

The Russian Dramatized Game «The Boat» in Marko\ Village, Chukotski Peninsula

pp. 120-122

Academic Life

An International Folklore Conference

pp. 123-124

The Second All-Union Anthropological Coi ference in Minsk

pp. 125-127

A Conference i Lithuanian Ethnographers

pp. 127-129

The Fourth Maclay Reading

pp. 129-132

Methodological Problems in Ethnography: the Moscow Conference of Young Specialists in the USSR Academy of Sciences Institute of Ethnography

pp. 133-134

Ethnographers on the BAM (Baikal —Amur Railway under Construction)

pp. 134-135

Expeditions in Brief

pp. 135-136

Criticism and Bibliography

General Ethnography

Ethnography. Ed. by Yu. V. Bromley and G. Ye. Markov

pp. 137-139

S. I. Brook. World Population. An Ethnodemographic Handbook

pp. 139-142

L. A. Fainberg. At the Sources of Sociogenesis

pp. 142-144

«Society and Nature. The Historical Stages and Forms of Their Interaction»

pp. 144-148

Yu. D. Levin. Ossian in Russian Literature

pp. 148-150

Peoples of the USSR

V. O. Rukavishnikov. Urban Population (Social Composition, Settlement Patterns, Assessment of Urban Environment)

pp. 150-152

A. A. Kiseliov, T. A. Kisseliova. Soviet Saams. Their History, Economic Life, Culture

pp. 152-155

N. K. Gavriliuk. Mapping Phenomena of Spiritual Culture (on Material of the Ukrainian Birth Ritual)

pp. 155-157

S. S. Kuroglo. Gagauz Family Ritual in the 19th and Early 20th Centuries

pp. 157-159

A Catalog of the Ethnographic Collections of the Tomsk University Museum for the Archaeology an Ethnography of Siberia

pp. 159-161

K. V. Čistov. Karelia’s Russian Fo Tale Narrators: Sketches and Memories; I. A. Fedossova. Selected Works

pp. 161-163

M. A. Devlet. The Mugur-Sargola Petroglyphs

pp. 163-165

Peoples of Asia outside the USSR

Andrew В. Gonzalez. Language and Nationalism. The Philippine Experience Thus Far

pp. 165-168


Ludmila Nikolajevna Terentjeva

pp. 169-172