Number 2, 1982

The Principal Trends in World Ethnic Processec To-Day

pp. 3-15

Problems of Bulgar Ethnography in the Works of Soviet Researchers

pp. 16-25

Ethnocultural Contacts and the Transition to a Food Producing Economy (Based upon African and Asian Material)

pp. 26-39

New Light on the Origin of Plant Cultivation and Domestication of Animals in India

pp. 40-47


Nomadism and Certain General Problems in the Theory of Economy and Society

pp. 48-59

From the History of Science

The Voyage of Paul Ibis to Taiwan

pp. 60-64


Age of Marriage among the Khants and the Mansis in the 18th and 19th centuries

pp. 65-76

Customs and Rituals Related to Dwellings among the Pamir Tajiks. Late 19th and early 20th centuries

pp. 76-83

The Ancestress Mountain in Khakass Folklore

pp. 83-92

The Tbilisi Toys Museum

pp. 93-96

On the Geographical Term «Alaska»

pp. 96-102

Searchings, Facts, Hypotheses

The «Ulad Sickness», an Attempt at Interpretation

pp. 103-107

Our Anniversaries

A List of the Principal Works by Georgi Spiridonovitch Tchitaya, Full Member of the Georgian Academy of Sciences (to his 90th Birthday)

pp. 108-110

Academic Life

«The 26th Party Congress and Problems of Studying National Relations in the USSR», an All-Union Session

pp. 111-115

Problems of Ethnography, Folklore and Culture History at the First International Congress of Bulgar Studies

pp. 115-121

A Scientific Session of Leningrad Slavicists Devoted to the 1300th Anniversary of the Bulgar State

pp. 121-122

The 12th All-Union of Australia and Oceania Students

pp. 122-125

Soviet-American Collaboration in the Field of Ethnography: a Journey of a Soviet Working Group to the U. S. A.

pp. 125-130

Expeditions in Brief

pp. 130-132

Criticism and Bibliography

Critical Articles and Reviews

The «Personality and Tradition» Problem on the Works of J. Pentikäinen

pp. 133-139

General Ethnography

J. G. Frazer. The Golden Bough. A Study in Magic and Religion

pp. 139-141

On the Views of J. Frazer on Religious History

pp. 141-147

Peoples of the USSR

L. R. Kyzlasov. Ancient Tuva (from Palaeolithic Times to the 9th Century A. D.)

pp. 147-147

A. V. Vinogradov. Ancient Hunters and Fishermen of the Middle Asian Interfluvial Area. Peoples of Europe outside the USSR

pp. 151-155

Peoples of Europe outside the USSR

A New Study of Acculturation Problems of Gipsy Immigrants in Sweden. Peoples of Asia outside.the USSR

pp. 155-158

Peoples of Asia outside the USSR

S. A. Maretina. The Evolution of the Social Structure of the Highland Peoples of North-Eastern India

pp. 158-160

Peoples of America

Ben Swankey. Gabriel Dumont and the Saskatchewan Rebellion of 1885

pp. 160-163

New Publications of the Works of K. T. Khlebnikov

pp. 163-165

Peoples of Oceania

Colin Newbury. Tahiti’ Nui. Change and Survival in French Polynesia 1767–1945

pp. 165-167


Alexey Pavlovitch Okladnikov

pp. 168-172