Number 1, 1983

The Principal Problems of Ethnic Ethnology

pp. 3-16

Methods of Studying the Pattern of Ethnically Mixed Urban Population

pp. 16-23

The Geography of Surnames as a Source for the Ethnic History of the Georgians

pp. 23-33

Croat Subethnic Groups in the 19th Century

pp. 33-42

Easter Island Texts (Rapa-Nui)

pp. 42-53


To the Problem of Identifying the Rivers and the Peoples of Herodotus’ Scythia

pp. 54-65

Peoples of the World, Information Materials

The Population of Belize: the Emerging of an Ethnopolitical Community

pp. 66-75


Former and Modern Names of the Peoples of the North

pp. 76-87

On an Attempt at Interpreting the Meanings of Certain Images in Russian Archaic-Type Folk Embroidery (Concerning the Article by G. P. Durassov)

pp. 87-94

Agrarian Sources of the Animal Cult among the Ossets

pp. 94-102

Archaeological Parallels to Ethnographically Recorded Cults in the Caucasus (on Materials from the Moshtchevaya Balka Burial)

pp. 102-113

Materials to the Anthropology of the Early Population of Alaska and the Aleutian Islands. II. Skulls from Pre-Aleutian Cemeteries at the Chaluka Site (Umnak Island)

pp. 114-127

Searchings, Facts, Hypotheses

N. N. Mikloukho-Maclay’s Early Years (to the History of the First St. Petersburg Period in His Life)

pp. 128-139

Academic Life

«Problems of the Development of Socialist Festivals and Rituals», a Conference

pp. 140-142

«The Comparative Study of Early Religious Forms», a Soviet-Hungarian Symposium

pp. 143-148

Expeditions in Brief

pp. 148-150

Our Anniversaries

A List of the Principal Works by Doctor of Historical Sciences Yu. V. Knorozov (to His 60th Birthday)

pp. 151-152

Criticism and Bibliography

General Ethnography

Onomastics of the East

pp. 153-155

Peoples of the USSR

T. V. Kosmina. Rural Dwellings in Podolye

pp. 156-158

L. N. Pushkariov. The Tale of Yeruslan Lazarevitch

pp. 158-161

Peoples of America

Sieve Talbot. Roots of Opression: the American Indian question

pp. 161-164

Duverger Ch. La fleur létale: économie du sacrifice azteque

pp. 164-166


Valentin Ivanovitch Kotchnev

pp. 167-168

Leonid Ivanovitch Lavrov

pp. 169-172