Number 2, 1983

Ethnological Research into Contemporary Ethnic-National Processes in the USSR (To the 50-th Anniversary of USSR Academy of Sciences Institute of Ethnography Decorated with the Order of People’s Friendship)

pp. 4-14

Tradition and Variability

pp. 14-22

Problems in the Study of the Culture of Life Subsistence in an Ethnos

pp. 22-31

Sixty Years of Georgian Soviet Ethnography

pp. 32-41

Arabs in the Caucasus

pp. 41-51

The Policy of Transporting the U. S. Indians in the 1830ies

pp. 51-61


To the Methodology of Studying Problems of Ethnic- National Psychology

pp. 62-74

On Certain Methodological Problems in the Study of Ethnic Psychology

pp. 74-79

National Psychology and Ethnopsychology

pp. 80-82

The Arbitrary Character of the Concept of Ethnopsychology

pp. 82-84

Ethnic Distinctions in «Naïve» Psychological Concepts

pp. 84-87


On the Functional Interrelation of the Buildings of a Peasant Household in the Eastern Baltic

pp. 88-96

The Study of Family Ritual among the Koreans of Kazakhstan

pp. 96-102

Certain Ethnoreligious Aspects in the Rise of the Multi-National Ethiopian State in the Late 19th Century

pp. 102-108

Ethnography in Museums

The Museum and Science

pp. 109-114

The Museum of Georgian Folk Architecture and Everyday Life

pp. 114-121

Searchings. Facts, Hypotheses

A Visit to Kaminoyama

pp. 122-129

Academic Life

The Second Congress of the International Society for European Ethnology and Folklore

pp. 130-136

The 44th International Congress of Americanists

pp. 137-140

The 13th Conference for Studies of Australia and Oceania

pp. 140-143

Expeditions in Brief

pp. 144

Criticism and Bibliography

Critical Articles and Reviews

New Trends in the Study of Bulgarian Folk Tales. General Ethnography

pp. 145-148

General Ethnography

A. I. Pershits, A. L. Mongait, V. P. Alexeyev. The History of Primitive Society

pp. 148-151

The Collection of the Museum for Anthropology and Ethnography of the USSR Academy of Sciences. To the 100th Anniversary of the First Academic Ethnographic Centre

pp. 151-153

Peoples of the USSR

B. A. Kaloyev. The Agriculture of the Northern Caucasus Peoples

pp. 154-156

V. A. Kuznetsov. The Nart Epos and Certain Problems in the History of the Osset People

pp. 156-158

Ritual Songs of the Pinega River Area

pp. 158-161

Peoples of Europe outside the USSR

G. Duby. Le chevalier, la femme et Ie prêtre. Le mariage dans la France féodale

pp. 161-164

Peoples of Asia outside the USSR

Ye. V. Revunenkova. Peoples of Malaysia and Western Indonesia: Certain Aspects of Their Spiritual Culture

pp. 165-168

Peoples of Africa

G. S. Kiseliov. The Hausa. Essays on Their Ethnic, Social and Political History Prior to the 19th Century

pp. 168-171