Number 1, 1984

The Leninist Nationality-and-Language Policy of the USSR Communist Party as Internationalism in Practice

pp. 3-15

The 11th International Congress of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences

pp. 15-29

The Ethnographic Approach to the Study of the Phenomenon of Longevity

pp. 29-42

Protective Archaeological Work in Khorezm: Results and Prospects

pp. 42-59

The Correlation between Ethnical and Denominational Communities in the USA

pp. 60-72

Prophets and Priests in Ancient Maya Society

pp. 72-89


Changes in the Cultural Life of the Rural Population in the Kirghiz Soviet Socialist Republic

pp. 90-98

Certain Mediaeval Vainakh Traditions in the Art of War

pp. 98-110

Traditions in Ceramics Manufacture among the Lezghins of Daghestan (Material from Kakhul Village)

pp. 110-116

The Socialist Republic of Vietnam: the Ethnic Composition and Geographical Distribution of the Population

pp. 116-122

The Ethnic Composition of the Highland Mon-Khmers in South Vietnam

pp. 122-129

Ethnography in Museums

Catalogues of Ethnographic Museums (Experience and Problems)

pp. 130-134

Searchings, Facts, Hypotheses

Ancestors of the Fulani in the Near East: Fact or Myth?

pp. 135-146

Academic Life

The 2nd Folklore Festival in the German Democratic Republic and the International Colloquium on Problems of Utilizing the Folklore Heritage

pp. 147-148

The USSR Academy of Sciences Learned Council for Integrated Problems of Slavic and Balkan Studies, a Broad Session

pp. 148-152

Expeditions in Brief

pp. 152-154

Criticism and Bibliography

Critical Articles and Reviews

Swedish Ethnology in the 1970ies (Volkskunde)

pp. 155-162

General Ethnography

A. G. Vishnevsky. Population Reproduction and Society. History, Present- Day Situation, a Glimpse into the Future

pp. 162-164

Monuments of European Peoples Culture

pp. 164-167

Peoples of the USSR

V. P. Kobychev. Settlements and Dwellings of the Peoples of Northern Caucasus in the 19th and 20th Centuries

pp. 167-170

Seasonal Ritual Poetry of the Siberian Russians

pp. 170-172

Folk Songs and Instrument Strumming Music of the Adyghe

pp. 172-173