Number 5, 1984

The Forming of Ch. Darwin’s Views on the Origin of Man in the Course of His Development of the Theory of Evolution

pp. 3-15

On Certain Socio-Ethnic Aspects of the Evolution of Festive Ritual Culture in Uzbekistan

pp. 15-24

The Dual Organization among the Kalmucks

pp. 25-36

Ethnology and History in Present-Day French Mediaeval Studies

pp. 36-48

Myth Analysis by C. Levi-Strauss: Primitive Thinking and Ethnographic Context

pp. 48-59

An Attempt at Comparing Craniological Material with Modern Populations at to Certain Somathological Characteristics

pp. 59-69


The Place of the Village (Territorial) Community in the Social Machinery by Which Tradition is Formed, Preserved, and Changed

pp. 70-80

From the History of Ethnography

Academician B. V. Asafyev as an Ethnomusicologist (to His Hundredth Birth Anniversary)

pp. 81-93


Determining the Degree of Closeness in the Geographical Distribution of Ethnoses

pp. 94-97

Some Materials on Lesghian Onomastics

pp. 97-101

To the History of the Toponym «Maclay Coast»

pp. 102-106

On the Negritos of Taiwan

pp. 107-113

Searchings, Facts, Hypotheses

Like Children of Different Peoples Are Drawing

pp. 114-124

Visiting: an Ethnographic Journal from Abroad

The Letopis Annual (Series «C») and Lusatian Ethnography (to the 30th Anniversary of the «Letopis»)

pp. 125-131

Our Anniversaries

A List of Major Publications by V. I. Kozlov, Doctor of Historical Sciences (to His 60th Birthday)

pp. 132-138

Academic Life

The Activities of the International Commission for the Study ot Popular Culture in the Carpathian and Balkan Area (to Its 25th Anniversary)

pp. 139-141

Dialectics of the National and the International in the Spiritual Life of Soviet Man — a Conference

pp. 141-143

Ethnography of St. Petersburg — Leningrad — a Conference

pp. 144-146

Expeditions in Brief

pp. 146-147

Criticism and Bibliography

Critical Articles and Reviews

Soviet Studies in the Deciphering of Proto-Indian Texts

pp. 148-152

New Publications in the Ethnography of Middle Asia

pp. 152-154

Russian Oral Popular Drama and the Russian Folk Theatre: Studies by Soviet Folklore Researchers in the Late Seventies

pp. 154-160

New Literature on the Trinidad Indians

pp. 160-165

Peoples of the USSR

Ye. M. Maliya, L. Kh. Akaba. Dress and Dwellings of the Abkhaz. (Materials to the Historical-Ethnographic Atlas of Georgia)

pp. 166-168

S. A. Arutiunov, I. I. Krupnik, M. A. Chlenov. The «Whalebone Alley»: Antiquities in the Senyavin Strait

pp. 168-170

Peoples of Africa

S. B. Chernetsov. The Ethiopian Feudal Monarchy in the 13th to 16th Centuries

pp. 170-172