Number 2, 1984

The City and Ethnic Processes (on the Base of Ethnographic Study of East Slav Cities)

pp. 3-14

On the Correlation of General and Local Traditions (as Exemplified by Balkan-Origin Ethnic Groups in the Ukraine and Moldavia)

pp. 15-27

The Evolution of Land-Use Common Law in the Late Feudal Russian Serf Village (18th to Early 19th Centuries)

pp. 27-38

East African Cultures in the Process of Formational Changes (19th—20th Centuries)

pp. 38-50

Cultural Sequence on the North Coast of Peru in the 5th to 15th Centuries A. D. (Using Data of Mythology and Figurative Art)

pp. 50-66

From the History of Ethnography

A. L. Troitskaya and her Archive

pp. 67-70


Inter-ethnic Marriages in Rural Kazakhstan (Materials from Pavlodar Region, 1966—1979)

pp. 71-77

The Harmonica in Kazakh Musical Life ( Early 20th Centuries)

pp. 77-79

The Destinies of Brazil’s Aboriginal Population

pp. 79-86

Searchings, Facts, Hypotheses

The Adoption of the Protector

pp. 87-92

Academic Life

New Methods and Concepts in the Study of European Popular Culture — a Conference

pp. 93-95

An Epic Film. Devoted to the Eskimos

pp. 95-97

Expeditions in Brief

pp. 97-99

Criticism and Bibliography

Critical Articles and Reviews

Ethnoarchaeology in the Seventies

pp. 100-113

An Important Bibliographic Publication

pp. 113-117

The Study of the Workers of Prague in the Institute of Ethnography and Folkloristics, Czechoslovakian Academy of Sciences

pp. 118-124

Modern Studies of the Wedding Ritual in Finland (New Works by M.-L. Heikinmaki)

pp. 125-132

General Ethnography

I. L. Andreyev. The Origin of Man and Society

pp. 132-134

Folklore and Historical Ethnography

pp. 135-137

Peoples of the USSR

V. V. Sedov. The Eastern Slavs in the 6th to 8th Centuries

pp. 137-140

M. F. Pilipenko. An Ethnography of Byelorussia

pp. 141-142

L. I. Lavrov. An Ethnography of the Caucasus (Based on 1924—1978 Field Materials)

pp. 142-143

L. P. Shabalina. Ethnography in School Local Lore Studies

pp. 144

Rural Settlements in Udmurtia, 19th and 20th Centuries

pp. 145-147

N. V. Zorin. The Russian Wedding in the Mid-Volga Area

pp. 147-150

A. M. Novikova, S. I. Pushkina. Wedding Songs in Tula Region

pp. 150-151

V. I. Ignatov. History and Folk Poetry in Plodovitoye Village, Maloderbetov District, Kalmyk Autonomous Republic

pp. 151-152

Peoples of Europe outside the USSR

Bauer und Landarbeiter im Kapitalismus in der Magdeburge Börde

pp. 153-155

I. Talve. Suomen kansankulttuuri. Historiallisia päälinjoja

pp. 155-157

Peoples of Asia outside the USSR

Janata A. Schmuck in Afghanistan

pp. 157-159

Peoples of America

Ethnic Processes in South American Countries

pp. 159-162

Ethnic Processes in Caribbean Countries

pp. 162-163

Peoples of Africa

E. S. Godiner. The Rise and Evolution of the State in Buganda

pp. 163-167

Peoples of Oceania

B. N. Putilov. Songs of the Southern Seas; Myth, Ritual and Song in New Guinea; The Man from the Moon: Diaries, Letters, Papers by Mikloukho-Maclay, et al.

pp. 167-170

P. I. Putchkov. The Ethnic Situation in Oceania

pp. 171-172