Number 1, 1985

Utilitarian Aspects of the Ethnographic Study of Rural Settlements and Systems of the Geographical Distribution of the Population

pp. 3-14

Fantastic Images in Russian Folk Tales Depicting Everyday Life

pp. 14-25

Ethnic Concepts in the Balkans in the Early Middle Ages (Based on the «Chronicle of Priest Duklianin»)

pp. 25-35

The Evolution of Protective Symbolics in the Architecture of Central Asian Nomads

pp. 35-48

Traditional Marriage Norms among East African Cattle Breeding Peoples

pp. 49-57

The Struggle of the Australian Aborigines for Their Land Rights and the Truganini «Cult»

pp. 57-69


Further Discussion of M. M. Gromyko’s Article «The Place of the Village (Territorial) Community in the Social Machinery by Which Tradition is Formed, Preserved and Changed» (Sovetskaya Etnografia», 1984, No 5)

pp. 70-79

From the History of Ethnography

The Ainu in the Pages of Ye. Ye. Loewenstern’s Diary

pp. 80-87


The Present-Day Transformation of the Turkmen Dietary System

pp. 88-98

Traditional Abkhaz Birth Customs and Rituals and Their Transformation in the Soviet Period

pp. 98-105

Black Salt (about a Popular Kostroma Custom)

pp. 105-107

On Certain Archaic Motifs in the Embroidery of Sol’vychegodsk Kokoshniks (Old Russian Female Head-dress) of the Northern Dvina Type (Based on Materials from the Vologda Region Local Lore Museum)

pp. 107-115

Searchings, Facts, Hypotheses

The City and the Poet (to the Study of Ethnographical Sources)

pp. 116-129

Our Anniversaries

A List of the Main Works by N. A. Butinov, Doctor of Historical Sciences (to His 70th Birthday)

pp. 130-132

Academic Life

A Conference on the 400th Anniversary of the City of Arkhangelsk

pp. 133-136

15th Conference for the Study of Australia and Oceania

pp. 136-138

An Enlarged Session of the Academic Council of the Museum for Anthropology and Ethnography Commemorating Prof. V. V. Ginzburg

pp. 138-139

Expeditions in Brief

pp. 139-141

Criticism and Bibliography

Critical Articles and Reviews

The Study in Modern Czechoslovakian Culture. Lidova kultura a so- ucasnost/Ridi Frolec V. Sv. 1—8, Brno, 1974—1982

pp. 142-147

General Ethnography

The Subsistence Culture and the Ethnos. An Attempt at an Ethnoculturological Study (Based upon Materials on Armenian Rural Culture) / Eds. S. A. Arutiunov, E. S. Markaryan

pp. 147-150

Peoples of the USSR

L. N. Semionova. Essays on the History of Everyday Life and Culture in Russia in the First Half of the 18th Century

pp. 150-151

V. L. Bigvava. The Modern Abkhaz Rural Family

pp. 151-153

L. T. Shinlo. Socialist Transformations in the Economy, Culture and Everyday Life of the Dungans

pp. 154-155

Russian Folk Tales of the Pudozh Area Compiled by A. P. Razumova and T. I. Sen’kina

pp. 155-157

New Studies of Karelian Popular Riddles

pp. 157-159

M. B. Rudenko. Kurd Ritual Poetry (Funeral Lamentations)

pp. 159-161

Peoples of Asia outside the USSR

N. G. Krasnodembskaya. The Traditional World Outlook of the Sinhalese

pp. 161-163

Peoples of America

Henley P. The Panare. Tradition and Change on the Amazonian Frontier

pp. 163-166

In Honour оf Eyak. The Art of Anna Nelson Harry // Ed. Krauss Michael E.

pp. 166-167

Peoples of Oceania

Siikala J. Cult and Conflict in Tropical Polynesia. A Study of Traditional Religion, Christianity and Nativistic Movements

pp. 168-169


Dorian Andreyevitch Sergeyev

pp. 170-173