Number 3, 1985

To the 40th Anniversary of the Great Victory

The Diffusion of Russian Traditional and Modern Folklore in the Years of the Great Patriotic War

pp. 3-10

Byelorussian Folk Poetry in the Period of the Great Patriotic War

pp. 10-22

The Path Traversed by Lonnrot on His Way towards the «Kalevala» (to the 150th Anniversary of the «Kalevala»)

pp. 23-35

On Ethnographic Research into the Process of the Formation of Nations in Central and South-Eastern Europe

pp. 36-42


Field Work and the Study of Contemporary Life

pp. 43-51

Soviet Peoples’ Traditional Everyday Life Culture: Urgent Problems of Field Study

pp. 51-59

Ethnography in Museums

A Unique Monument of Peoples’ Applied Art

pp. 60-63


Ethnically Mixed Marriages among the Rural Population of the Karakalpak ASSR (to the Problem of Present-Day Ethnic Processes)

pp. 64-72

The Ukrainian Population of Galicia, Bukovina and Transcarp.athia from the Late 18th Century to the 1930ies

pp. 72-86

On Certain Azerbaijanian Toponyms

pp. 86-90

To the Problem of Reminiscences of the Scytho-Siberian Animal Style (on the Basis of Materials of Tuvinian Popular Sculpture)

pp. 90-101

The Connection of Certain Parameters of the Nasal Cavity with Basic Race Diagnosing Characteristics

pp. 101-103

Searchings, Facts, Hypotheses

The «Sun Crest» of Ingush Women (on the Gala Headdress «Kur-Khars»)

pp. 104-114

Our Anniversaries

A List of Major Works by Professor L. P. Potapov, Doctor of Historical Sciences (to His 80th Birthday)

pp. 115-117


The Activity in 1984 of the USSR Academy of Sciences Institute of Ethnography of the Order of People’s Friendship

pp. 118-122

Academic Life

«Problems of Regional Popular Culture — an International Sytnposium

pp. 123-125

Expeditions in Brief

pp. 125-127

Criticism and Bibliography Critical Articles and Reviews

On Certain Problems of the Archaic World Outlook. Apropos of G. N. Gra- chova’s book «The Traditional World Outlook of Taimyr Hunters»

pp. 128-139

The Festival, the Calendar Ritual and the Custom in European Countries outside the Soviet Union («Calendar Customs and Rituals in European Countries outside the USSR», vols. 1—4)

pp. 140-147

General Ethnography

The «Kalevala». Leningrad Publishing House, 1984

pp. 147-152

Peoples of the USSR

People’s Diet among the Ukrainians and the Russians in the North-Eastern Areas of the Ukraine

pp. 152-154

The Historical Ethnography of Northern Caucasus

pp. 154-155

M. K. Azadovsky (1888—1954), a Bibliographical Index

pp. 155-157

Peoples of Europe outside the USSR

R. Bircher. Urspünge der Tatkraft

pp. 157-159

Y. Podolák. Tradičné ovčiarstvo nа Slovensku. Bratislava: Veda, vydavatelstvo Slovenskej akadémie vied, 1982

pp. 159-161

G. Georgiev. Bulgarian Partisans. A historical-Ethnographical Essay

pp. 161-165


V. V. Pokshishevsky