Number 2, 1985

To the Fortieth Anniversary of the Great Victory

On the Work Activity of the Multinational Soviet Peasantry in the Years of the Great Patriotic War

pp. 3-13

The Material Life Conditions of the Guerillas in the Ukraine (1941—1944)

pp. 14-23

Soviet Ethnographers in the Years of the Great Patriotic War

pp. 23-35

Ethnic Aspects in the Study of Behaviour Stereotypes and Traditional Culture

pp. 36-46

Trends in the Ethnic Composition of College Student Bodies in Certain Union Republics in the Post-War Years

pp. 46-54

The Social Functions of the Languages Spoken by the Peoples of the North and the Far East of the USSR in the Soviet Period

pp. 54-63


Further Discussion of M. M. Gromyko’s Article «The Place of the Village (Territorial) Community in the Social Machinery by Which Tradition is Formed, Preserved and Changed» («Sovetskaya Ethografia», 1984, No 5)

pp. 64-82

From the History of Ethnography

A Forgotten Experiment (from the History of the Ethnographic Theatre)

pp. 83-90


The Kirishi Festivals and the Problem of Folklorism in a Young City

pp. 91-99

From the History of Vainakh Paganism (Their Pantheon of Divinities in the Late Mediaeval Period)

pp. 99-108

The Psaltery {Gusli) among the Volga area Peoples

pp. 109-116

Kado the Archer and Amaterasu the Goddess in Neolithic Sculpture (Two Attempts at Combining Mythological and Archaeological Texts)

pp. 116-121

On Several Early Works of Figurative Art

pp. 122-127

To the Craniology of the Kelteminar People — an Intra-Group Analysis

pp. 127-140

Our Anniversaries

A List of Major Works by Doctor of Historical Sciences S. V. Ivanov (to the 60th Anniversary of His Scholarly Activity)

pp. 141-143

Academic Life

«The Spiritual Life of the Present-Day Working Class» — a Symposium

pp. 144-146

Fifty Years of the State Museum for the Ethnography of Soviet Peoples

pp. 146-148

Expeditions in Brief

pp. 148-150

Criticism and Bibliography

Critical Articles and Reviews

A Compendium of Ukrainian Folklore

pp. 151-154

Western Anthropologists on Peyotism in the Life of the North American Indians

pp. 154-158

General Ethnography

The Ethnography of Childhood. Traditional Forms of Bringing Up Children and Teenagers among Peoples of Eastern and SouthEastern Asia. Traditional Forms of Bringing Up Children and Teenagers among Peoples of Western and Southern Asia. Two Collections of Papers/Ed. I. S. Kohn

pp. 158-164

A Ket Collection: Anthropology, Ethnography, Mythology, Linguistics

pp. 164-167

Late Pleistocene and Early Holocene Cultural Links between Asia and America/Ed. R. S. Vasilyevsky

pp. 167-169

Peoples of the USSR

A. I. Robakidze. The Evolution of Georgian Soviet Ethnography (1922—1982)

pp. 169-171