Number 6, 1985

To the 80th Anniversary of the 1905—1907 Revolution in Russia

Songs of the First Russian Revolution

pp. 3-16

Tradition in the Information Network of Culture: Its Functioning and Transformation

pp. 17-28

The Ethnic History of the Russian North in Works by Linguists and Certain Questions of the Theory of Ethnogenesis

pp. 28-37

From Romanization to the Rise of the Sardinian Ethnic Community

pp. 38-49

To a Morphological Description of the Illyrian Population of Montenegro

pp. 49-55


Further Discussion of M. N. Shmeliova’s and S. I. Vainshtein’s Articles on Problems of Field Studies («Sovetskaya Etnografia», 1985, No 3)

pp. 56-72

From the History of Ethnography

M. L. Mikhailov, a Revolutionary of the 1860ies, on Primitive Man

pp. 73-76

D. A. Zolotariov (to the Hundredth Anniversary of His Birth)

pp. 76-84

A. N. Afanassyev and the Brothers Grimm

pp. 84-90

Ethnography in Museums

The Popular Art Museum in the Cyprus

pp. 91-96


The New Year (Navruz) in the Mythological Conceptions of the Tajiks and Uzbeks

pp. 97-104

The Diet of the Chechens in Present-Day Jordan

pp. 104-108

The Family-and-Kinship and Clan-and-Tribal Relations among the United States Indians in the Second Half of the 20th Century

pp. 108-115

Searchings, Facts, Hypotheses

Perun in the Caucasus

pp. 116-123

Academic Life

The Collaboration of Soviet and Finnish Ethnographers and Anthropologists (1967—1985)

pp. 124-128

«Nation and Culture», a Seminar-Conference

pp. 128-131

The 14th Baltic Conference on the History of Science

pp. 131-133

The Third Propp Readings

pp. 134-136

The Second Regional Student Conference on the Archaeology, Ethnography, and Ancient History of Daghestan and Northern Caucasus

pp. 137-138

Popular Fetes and Entertainments in St. Petersburg. Late 18th to Early 20th Centuries. A Survey of the Exposition

pp. 138-142

An Uigur Exposition in Alma-Ata

pp. 142-146

Criticism and Bibliography

Critical Articles and Reviews

New Publications on the Ukrainian and Byelorussian Wedding Ritual and Folklore

pp. 147-150

Problems of the Regional Specific Features of the Ancient Peruvian Civilization in Recent Studies outside the USSR

pp. 150-155

General Ethnography

A Bibliographical Index on Slavic and General Linguistics. Nikita Ilyich Tolstoy

pp. 155-157

R. S. Lipets. The Images of the Batyr and His Steed in Turkic-Mongolian Epic Poetry

pp. 157-158

Peoples of the USSR

The 8th Ethnographic Collection of Works on the Caucasus

pp. 159-161

R. A. Topchoshvili. Migrations of the Highlanders of Eastern Georgia in the 17th to 20th Centuries

pp. 161-162

Peoples of Europe outside the USSR

Yu. V. Bromley, M. S. Kashuba. Marriage and Family among Yugoslavian Peoples

pp. 162-165

Index for 1985

pp. 166-172