Number 1, 1986

Ethnology and Mutual Inter-National Understanding

pp. 3-12

From the History of the Struggle for the Social and Spiritual Emancipation of Women in Middle Asia: Celebration of the International Women’s Day in 1920—1927

pp. 12-22

Bilingualism among Ethnic Minorities in Vietnam: Factors Influencing Its Prevalence

pp. 22-32

The Australian Aborigines: a New Stage in the Struggle for Their Land Rights

pp. 32-46

To the Problem of Rank in the Traditional Societies in Polynesia (the Case of Tonga)

pp. 46-56


Problems of Field Studies (Conclusion of the Discussion)

Some Problems of Ethnographic Field Investigation of Modern Life (a Reply to the Participants in the Discussion)

pp. 57-61

More on Field Studies of Traditional Culture (Reply to the Participants of the Discussion)

pp. 61-68

Editorial Comment

pp. 68-70

From the History of Ethnography

The Discovery of the Complete Text of P. N. Nazimov’s Memoir on N. N. Miklouho-Maclay

pp. 71-81


Drawing upon Popular Building Traditions in Present- Day Rural Construction in Uzbekistan

pp. 82-95

Written Sources in the Study of East Slavic Popular Beliefs and Rituals

pp. 95-103

On the Ethnonym «Kolosh»

pp. 104-108

Ethnocultural Processes in. an Angolan Town

pp. 109-115

Searchings, Facts, Hypotheses

The Mediaeval Russian City in the Bylinas

pp. 116-124

Our Anniversaries

List of Major Works by Nikolay Sergeyevich Rozov, Candidate of Biological Sciences, to His 90th Birthday

pp. 125-126

Academic Life

Ethnography and Folklore at the 5th International Congress for the Study of Countries of South-Eastern Europe

pp. 127-129

Session of the International Commission on the Study of Peace of the International Commission on the Study of Peace of the International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences

pp. 129-132

«Baltic Folklore and Folk Culture», a Conference

pp. 132-134

The IX Straznice Symposium

pp. 134-135

Expeditions in Brief

pp. 135-136

Criticism and Bibliography

Critical Articles and Reviews

Ethnolinguistic Research in Slavic Studies During the Last Decade

pp. 137-140

General Ethnography

I. R. Grigulievich. Prophets of a «New Truth»

pp. 140-142

Peoples of the USSR

Ye. N. Danilova. The Abazinians: A. Historico-Ethnographical Study of Their Economy and Community Organisation in the 19th Century

pp. 142-144

M. Ya. Zhornitskaya. Popular Choreographic Art of the Aboriginal Population of North-West Siberia

pp. 144-146

I. B. Moldobayev. The «Zhanysh and Bayish» Epic as a Historical-Ethnographic Source

pp. 146-147

Index of Articles and Materials Published in the «Sovetskaya Etnografia» in 1981— 1985

pp. 148-173