Number 1, 1987

Ethnic and Regional Specific Traits Influencing the Processes by Which Urban and Rural Life-Styles in the USSR Are Coming Closer Together

pp. 3-10

Territorial Communities System and Its Role in the Shaping and Reproduction of Ethnocultural Tradition under Conditions of Urbanisation

pp. 10-24

Calendar Festivals in the Ukrainian-Moldavian Border Zone and Their Modern Destinies

pp. 24-35

On Studying the Common Mentality of the West-European Middle Ages

pp. 36-44

On Certain Erroneous Conceptions Relating to the Morphology of the Upper Palaeolithic Population of Europe

pp. 44-52

The Evolution of Primate Group Behaviour as a Precondition of Anthroposociogenesis

pp. 52-69

Ethnography in Museums

«Our Little Worlds (The Museum of Man in Inuyama)

pp. 70-79


Tendencies in the Changes in the Ethnic Mosaic of the Regions and Districts of the Ukraine

pp. 80-85

The Highland Tajiks of Karategin in Fergana Valley (Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries)

pp. 86-94

The Kabyls. Their Way of Life, Customs, Mores

pp. 95-102

The Population of the Himalaya Piedmont Region of North India (An Ethnographic Description)

pp. 102-111

Materials on Earliest Fulani Mythology

pp. 111-122

Searchings, Facts, Hypotheses

«A Small House in Kolomna» — a Picture of Life in an Old-Time Russian Town (A. S. Pushkin’s Poem as an Historical Source)

pp. 123-132

Our Anniversaries

List of Major Works by D. I. Tikhonov, Doctor of Historical Sciences (to His 80th Birthday)

pp. 133-134

Academic Life

«Ethnography: the Traditional and Modern Gultures, Traditions and Way of Life of the Indigenous Peoples of the Soviet and Canadian North» — a Soviet-Canadian Symposium

pp. 135-136

The 17th Conference for the Study of Australia and Oceania

pp. 136-139

At the Second International Catalan Language Congress

pp. 139-144

The «Great Silk Road» — an Exposition in Sweden

pp. 145-150

Expeditions in Brief

pp. 151-152

Criticism and Bibliography

Critical Articles and Reviews

M. Ya. Meltz. Russian Folklore. A Bibliographical Index

pp. 153-156

General Ethnography

Ethnographic Studies in the Evolution of Culture

pp. 156-159

B. V. Andrianov. The Non-Sedentary Population of the World

pp. 159-162

Peoples of the USSR

N. V. Yukhneva. The Ethnic Composition and Ethnosocial Structure of the Population of St. Petersburg

pp. 162-164

The Lubok. Russian Folk Pictures. 17th to 19th centuries

pp. 164-165

E. A. Kerimov. Essays on the History of Ethnographic Studies in Azerbaijan and of Russian-Azerbaijainian Ethnographic Links (18th and 19th Centuries)

pp. 166-167

Problems of the Ethnogenesis of the Kalmyks

pp. 167-169

D. G. Savinov. Peoples of South Siberia in Early Turkic Times

pp. 169-171