Number 4, 1987

Soviet Ethnography under Renovation (Perestroyka)

pp. 3-8

The Theory of Ethnic Self-Awareness in Soviet Ethnography (Main Aspects of the Problem)

pp. 9-22

Psychosemantic Approach to Ethnopsychology

pp. 22-38

Folk Art in Contemporary Society (Social Function and Evolutionary Prospects)

pp. 38-48

Ethno-Cultural Processes under Multiple Political Structures in Daghestan (till XXth Century)

pp. 48-58

About the Role of Power in the Genesis of Class Society (the Case of Pre-Colonial Societies of Tropical Africa)

pp. 58-70


Discussing Yu. V. Bromley's and M. V. Kriukov's Article «Ethnography: Its Place in the System of Science, Main Currents, Methods»

Ethnography: Some Arguable Questions

pp. 71-73

On the Subject of Ethnography and Its Inner Structure

pp. 73-76

Historical Ethnography within Ethnography’s Structure

pp. 77-82

Ethnography and Historicism

pp. 82-85

Ethnographic Study of Culture: the Problem of Sources

pp. 85-87

From the History of Ethnography

Dmitri Tarkhanov’s Forgotten Expedition to the Copper (Mednaya) River

pp. 88-100


The Kazakh Epos of Nowadays: the Narrator and the Story

pp. 101-110

A Modern Transformation of Anthroponymic Model among the Uighurs of Uzbekistan

pp. 110-114

Types of Traditional Planning of a Byelorussian Peasant Yard

pp. 114-127

Searchings, Facts, Hypotheses

Katkhputli: Folk Puppets of Rajasthan (To the Problem of Irano-Indian Ethno-Cultural Connections)

pp. 128-142

Academic Life

First All-Union Conference on Turkic Onomastics

pp. 143-145

The 16th International Conference of «Demos» United Editorial Board

pp. 145-148

Expeditions in Brief

pp. 148-150

Criticism and Bibliography

Peoples of the USSR

Statistics in Ethnography. Editor-In-Chief V. V. Pimenov

pp. 151-153

S. Sh. Gadzhiyeva. Family and Marrige among the Peoples of Daghestan in 19th — Early 20th Centuries

pp. 153-155

E. V. Pomerantseva. Russian Oral Prose

pp. 155-156

Peoples of Non-Soviet Europe

F. Braudel. Material Civilization, Economy and Capitalism of 15th—18th Centuries. V. 1. Structures of Everyday Life: The Possible and the Impossible (Translated from French)

pp. 156-159

V. A. Zhitomirsky. Apartheid British Way

pp. 159-160

Tove Skutnabb-Kangas. Bilingualism or Not: The Education of Minorities (in English)

pp. 160-163

Peoples of Non-Soviet Asia

T. F. Sivertseva. Family in the Developing Countries of the East

pp. 163-166

Peoples of America

Sh. A. Bogina. Ethno-Cultural Processes in the USA. Late 18th — Early 19th Centuries

pp. 166-168

Russian America in Kuril Khlebnikov’s «Notes»

pp. 168-170

Peoples of Oceania

I. M. Me- liksetova. Tribalism and Statehood (Ethno-National and Socio-Political Processes in Papua— New Guinea in 1960s— 1980s)

pp. 170-171