Number 6, 1986

Finno-Ugric Peoples of the USSR: Present-Day Ethnocultural Processes

pp. 3-13

Ethnosocial Aspects of Natality in a Multi-Ethnic City (the Tashkent Case)

pp. 13-24

Reconstructing Certain Russian Transitional Maturity Rites

pp. 24-35

Canadian Native Peoples: Contemporary Ethnolinguistic Situation

pp. 35-46

Typological Variants of Ancient Eskimo Graphic Ornament (to the Problem of the Ethnocultural History of the Bering Sea Area in the 1st Millenium B. C. and 1st Millenium A. D.)

pp. 46-58

From the History of Ethnography

Stepan Danilovich Lisitsian (1865—1947)

pp. 59-69

Ethnography in Museums

The Main Sources of Replenishing the Funds of the USSR Academy of Sciences Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (1960—1980)

pp. 70-77


Popular Diet in Kargopolye (19th and 20th Century Materials)

pp. 78-93

Traditions Relating to the Departure of Yukaghir Groups to the Islands and «over the Sea»

pp. 94-100

Folklore Materials on Lezghin Metrology

pp. 100-106

Shirmay-Non Bread (Origin of the Tradition)

pp. 106-108

To the Morphology of Cult Buildings in Mongolia

pp. 108-118

Searchings, Facts, Hypotheses

Who was Boga’an Bronnilsyn?

pp. 119-123

Our Anniversaries

List of Books by I. A. Kryveliov (to His 80th Birthday)

pp. 124

List of Principal Works by N. V. Novikov. Doctor of Philological Sciences (to His 75th Birthday)

pp. 124-126

Academic Life

Session of the Academic Council of the USSR Academy of Sciences Institute of Ethnography Devoted to the Memory of G. F. Debets

pp. 127-136

A Scientific Conference Devoted to L. P. Semionov’s 100th Birth Anniversary

pp. 136-137

Ten Years of the Middle Asia and Caucasus Readings

pp. 137-140

Expeditions in Brief

pp. 140-141

Criticism and Bibliography

Critical Articles and Reviews

The Veteran Chinese Ethnographer Yang Kun on Problems of the History and Theory of the Science of Ethnography

pp. 142-151

General Ethnography

Ethnic Onomastics

pp. 151-153

A. I. Tarasova, Vladimir Clavdievich Arsenyev

pp. 153-155

Peoples of the USSR

Contemporary Processes in Everyday Life in Daghestan

pp. 155-157

P. Garb. From Childhood to Centenarian

pp. 157-159

I. Mukhitdinov. Specific Features of the Pamir Peoples’ Traditional Agriculture in the 19th and Early 20th Centuries

pp. 159-160

L. S. Tolstova. Historical Traditions of the Southern Aral Sea Area (to the History of Early Ethnographic Links between the Peoples of the Aral — Caspian Area)

pp. 160-161

V. N. Uvachan. Years Like Centuries

pp. 161-163

V. M. Kulemzin. Man and Nature in Khanty Beliefs

pp. 163-165

А.V. Charrin. Le petit monde du Grand Corbeau

pp. 166

Index for 1986

pp. 167-171