Number 4, 1986

The 27th Congress of the Communist Party of the USSR and the Tasks Confronting Soviet Ethnographers

pp. 3-13

To the Problem of Preserving the Folk Architecture Heritage (the Case of Georgian Rural Dwellings)

pp. 14-25

On the Use of Fiction as a Source in Urban Ethnographic Studies

pp. 26-36

Towards a Definition of the Form of Animal Husbandry Practised by the Peoples of Highland Daghestan in the 18th and 19th Centuries

pp. 37-46

The Ethnic Odontology of Vietnam as a Source for Studying the Interaction of Mongoloid and Equatorial Racial Forms in South-East Asia

pp. 46-57


Further Discussion of M. V. Kriukov's Article on the Typology of Ethnic Communities («Sovetskaya Ethnogralia», 1986, No 3)

The Classificatory Space of Ethnic Typology

pp. 58-64

From Primitive to Modern Times

pp. 64-69

Ethnic Communities as a Historical Category

pp. 69-72

From the History of Ethnography

Caucasus Studies in the Institute of Ethnography, USSR Academy of Sciences (to the 50th Anniversary of the Caucasus Section of the Institute)

pp. 73-86


Marriage Grouping and Endogamous Barriers. To the Methods of Analyzing Marriage Migration

pp. 87-99

On the Ethnocultural Development of Soviet Germans

pp. 100-111

On the Adyghe «Secret» Languages

pp. 111-116

The «Badik» Genre in Uzbek Ritual Folklore

pp. 117-123

Ritual Painting on the Ground in India

pp. 123-135

Searchings, Facts, Hypotheses

On the Trail of an Enigma

pp. 136-145

Our Anniversaries

List of Major Works by B. Kh. Karmysheva, Doctor of Historical Sciences (to the 40th Anniversary of Her Scholarly Activity)

pp. 146-148

Academic Life

«Ethnocultural Processes in Europe: Past and Present», a Conference

pp. 149-152

Ethnographic Training of African and Latin American Students in the Department of Archaeology and Ancient History of Voronezh University

pp. 153-155

Expeditions in Brief

pp. 155-156

Criticism and Bibliography

Critical Articles and Reviews

Lands and Peoples. A 20-Volume Popular Science Publication in Geography and Ethnography

pp. 157-160

General Ethnography

M. A. Nekrasova. Folk Art as a Part of Culture

pp. 160-162

S. Yu. Nekliudov. Heroic Epics of Mongolian Peoples

pp. 162-164

A. K. Bayburin. The Dwelling in Eastern Slav Rituals and Images

pp. 164-167

Peoples of the USSR

G. S. Maslova. Folk Costume in Eastern Slav Customs and Rituals in the 19th and Early 20th Centuries

pp. 167-169

Sh. D. Inal-Ipa. Outlines of Abkhazian Etiquette

pp. 169-170

Peoples of Africa

Peuples du Golfe du Bénin. Aja-Ewé

pp. 170-172