Number 3, 1986

Continuity and Innovation in Dealing with Ethnic-National Problems at the Stage of Highly-Developed Socialism

pp. 3-13

V. I. Lenin and the Problem of the Periodization of Russian Folklore History

pp. 13-24

Concepts of Ethnopolitical Processes in Developing Countries and Methods of Their Applied Study

pp. 24-35

Homeostasis in the Demographic History of the People of the North (17th to 19th Centuries): Reality or Illusion?

pp. 36-46

Ethnoreligious Processes in Pre-Islamic Arabia (the- Religious-Tribal Communities of Hums, Hilla and Tuls)

pp. 47-57


Once More — on the Historical Types of Ethnic Communities

pp. 58-69

Ethnic Communities and the Process of Historical Evolution by Socioeconomic Formations

pp. 69-73

On the Tribe, the Nationality, and the Nation

pp. 73-75

From the History of Ethnography

Ethnography and History (to the 80th Birth Anniversary of W. Steinitz)

pp. 76-80

Visiting: an Ethnographic Journal from the Ukrainian SSR

60 Years of Ukrainian Ethnographic Periodicals

pp. 81-88

Ethnography in Museums

From the History of the State Ethnographic Museum of the Estonian SSR

pp. 89-94


International and National Constituents in Soviet Central Television Broadcasting

pp. 95-106

An Attempt at Genealogical Descriptions (for the Case of the Chukchis)

pp. 106-115

Masks and Mummery in the Traditional Life of the Ossets

pp. 115-124

New Orleans as Seen by an Ethnographer

pp. 124-134

Searchings, Facts, Hypotheses

Yokthe: Burman Puppets

pp. 135-147


The Activity of the Order of People’s Friendship Institute of Ethnography, Academy of Sciences of the USSR, in 1985

pp. 148-152

Academic Life

«The Soviet Peoples’ Family under Socialism at Its High Development Stage» — an All-Union Scientific Conference

pp. 153-157

«Areal Studies in Linguistics and Ethnography» — an All-Union Conference

pp. 157-160

«Present-Day Ethnic and Cultural Processes among the Peoples of the Urals-Volga Region and the European North of the USSR» — an Ethnographic Conference

pp. 161-162

A Scientific Conference Devoted to the 150th Birth Anniversary of Ch. Valikhanov

pp. 163-164

Expeditions in Brief

pp. 164-166

Criticism and Bibliography

Critical Articles and Reviews

Russian Publications of C. Levi-Strauss

pp. 167-171

Peoples of the USSR

A. I. Robakidze. Svaneti. 1. Dwellings and Settlement

pp. 171-172